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Makeup Geek Prom Night Review

By 6:00 PM

It was hard to know where to start with Marlena March.  I bought a bunch of the Makeup Geek eye-shadows and have been testing them.  I wasn't sure which color to review first or if I should just pile them together.  I decided that I would break it up so if someone wanted to know about one color as opposed to another, they wouldn't have to read a bunch of junk they didn't want to.

After that the chore was trying to decide which color first.  So, I thought about my favorite MAC eye-shadow.

Satin Taupe one of my favorite MAC colors.  It's a gorgeous plummy/grey/taupe.  I love taupe.  It is frosted, but not in an annoying way.  With my decision not to buy more MAC products, this color was one of the two that I have been going slow with because I don't want to run out.

Enter Prom Night.  Jaclyn used it in this pretty cool toned smokey eye.  She said it was a silvery plum with a shimmery finish.  Really, I was sold.

They come in very similar packaging to MAC.
When I was researching the shades I wanted to buy for Marlena March, most people said that Prom Night was a dupe for Satin Taupe and I thought, why not?  It would save me from having to not use my favorite shade!   Why not start there?  Plus, I remembered Jaclyn's video and it was in the shopping bag.

So, MAC Satin Taupe is 1.5 g for $10.00 in the refill pan and $16.00 for the one in the container.  Makeup Geek Prom Night is $5.99 and comes in a pan like the refill pan.  It is slightly larger at 1.8 g.

Prom Night
When I received it, I was very excited.  That is my sort of color!

Look, Twinkies! Left to Right: MUG Prom Night and MAC Satin Taupe
As you can tell, I have loved my Satin Taupe.  To the touch, MUG is softer, more creamy.  It has more pigmentation.  The MAC felt dry in comparison.

Left to Right: MUG Prom Night and MAC Satin Taupe
The Satin Taupe may appear darker, but I was layering in more color to get it even with Prom Night.

Satin Taupe has good application and blends well.  But Makeup Geek was better.  It could have fall out because it is so pigmented, but a tap to your brush should solve that problem.  Both were about equal in shimmer.  When applied with a brush it does lose out on some of its pigmentation.  It's good, but didn't blow me away.

For this color I am saying that the MUG slightly beats the MAC in quality.  It's also slightly bigger and cheaper.  MUG is also Cruelty Free which is bonus kitten points.  Fluffy kitten points makes a win!

This eye-shadow is good.  $5.99 is more reasonable than $10.00 for a single eye-shadow.  However, if you aren't loaded, this is still something you will have to buy slowly so your wallet doesn't experience sudden pain.

* I bought Prom Night and Satin Taupe with my own money.  No one sent me samples of beautiful plummy/silvery/taupe goodness to slather myself in.

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