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Makeup Geek Moondust Review

By 11:16 AM

I was just thinking the alliteration madness I could have with this name and the theme this month.  Is it too expected or should I go for it?  Hmm.

Marlena March continues with Makeup Geek Moondust.  It is described as a silvery taupe and the picture on the site suggests it could be a little brown.  As usual, it is $5.99 for a 1.8 g refill pan of this, which fits nicely into a Z-Palette.

I think Moondust is an apt name.  It is a shimmering silver taupe but not so shimmery you look like a disco-ball exploded on your face.  It is very soft and pigmented and as such, you will have a bit of a powdery issue in the pan.  You will need to tap your brush to avoid fall out.

Trails of Moondust
This is a very pretty color. It has enough warmth that it will look good on most skin tones.  It applies well on its own, but over a white base like Nyx Milk or Cottage Cheese (such an unfortunate name for such a pretty color) it really brings out the silver.  It works well all over the lid, in a smokey eye, or at the corner.  Even worn all over the lid, it can apply in a way that is not too much.  It just looks pretty and put together.

I like this a lot more than I thought I would from just looking at it in the pan.  It is a nice shadow.  It also doesn't do that thing that some grey toned shadows do where it has too much blue and with cool toned skin, just looks blue.  That warmth delivers a prettier grey.

I don't think this color will knock your socks off, but it is a nice color that you will find useful.

* I bought my own Moondust without having to sign up for any missions and nothing was sent to me for free.

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