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Makeup Geek Whimsical Foiled Eye-Shadow

By 9:52 PM

Even though I wasn't highly impressed with Houdini and Mesmerized, I felt differently after trying In the Spotlight.  With a small amount of trepidation, I decided to try again.

Makeup Geek
One of the first colors I decided to try was Makeup Geek's Foiled Eye-Shadow in the color Whimsical.  It is $9.99 for a full size .064 oz refill pan that works well in a Z Palette.

As with the other Makeup Geek eye-shadows, Whimsical is Cruelty Free and made in the USA.

Whimsical is a pale silvery pink.  Or more silvery with a kiss of rose.  It is very pigmented and should be used with caution on eyes that are starting to age as it may accentuate lines and cling.  It feels close to the concerns I had with Shimma Shimma.

It is a pretty color, a little on the cool side.  It is opaque and long lasting, especially over MAC Painterly Paintpot. It didn't last as long as some of the other Foiled Shadows I have.  It has a creamy texture, not like ColourPop creamy, but a very buttery powder.  It might crease on oily lids.

Makeup Geek Foiled Eye-Shadows have the tendency to be more pigmented in a finger swipe than with the brush, however in this case, it's very close to having similar pigmentation and finish in brush use.

Makeup Geek  Foiled Eye-Shadows don't require anything like Fix+ or water to make them foiled.  They have that quite naturally.  I didn't have any fall out from this shadow.

I still think ageing eyes should use caution with this shadow, as it may crease into lines.  Overall though, this shadow is pretty good.

* I got Whimsical all by my lonesome without any outside assistance.  No one asked me to get Whimsical or to share my thoughts on getting Whimsical.

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