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Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette (LE) Review

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My dear friends, I have a confession to make, please refrain from judging me.  I have never tried an Anastasia Beverly Hills eye-shadow.  When I saw Jaclyn Hill do this look, I thought about buying that Colourpop set for that one eye-shadow (the Forever Freshman set is sold out right now).  But, I review Colourpop a lot.  I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but I know I need to slow my roll on that and try some other things.  If it comes back as a single, I would definitely buy Koosh.

I remembered a color from one of the Anastasia palettes that reminded me of the look she had done and I thought I'd get it so I could play with it.  I found that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette had the gorgeous pink champagne color and the rest was up to my debit card.  I was surprised to see that it was only $35.00 for 14 .025 eye-shadows, which compared to some of the other palettes I buy, it was a steal.  It was practically Colourpop set in price.

Just a warning, there will be pictures.  Loads of them.

Front of package
Back of package

 There has been some confusion in the name.  You don't self make this palette.  Self-Made is the name of this Limited Edition palette.  

Self-Made Palette
The packing of the palette is a textured fabric.  It has a silver-toned plate with a protective film that you can peel off.

Back of Palette
The back of the palette has the list of ingredients and as you can see, it's Cruelty Free and made in China.  Maybe you can't see the made in China part, it was really small.

So many pretty colors
Some people are not that thrilled about the packaging.  It isn't vavavoom or anything.  The magnetic closure is good, but may be concerning for travel.  However, if part of the reason I only paid $35.00 for this is because I didn't have fancy packaging, I'm willing to make that sacrifice.  It's nice enough.

There was a dual ended brush included with this palette.  It's a light weight plastic and black with white lettering.  It was less than impressive.  The fluffy side looks like its been put out to pasture and the other side doesn't know what it wants to be.  It's almost a dome and almost a packing brush.  It looks quite cheap.

I'm going to do the colors left to right from top to bottom.  Except at the end, because math.  All of the color names are printed on the package, which I definitely like, although it may be hard to see in the picture above.

Left to Right: Pink Champagne and Metallic Plum

Pink Champagne is a lovely metallic (glittery) rose gold.  It is pigmented and can have some fall out, but it really isn't too bad.  If you really want to bang it up a notch, try it on a damp brush or patted on over glitter glue.  It will be intense and stunning.  It is smooth and blends well.  It was the reason I bought this palette and I was not disappointed.
 Metallic Plum is a frosted deep plummy brown.  It leans a little warm, but is still wearable for us cool toned people.  It has good pigmentation, was soft, and blended well.

Left to Right: Self-Made and Witchy
Self-Made is a frosted golden deep bronze shade with warm undertones.  It was drier than some of the other shades, but has good pigmentation and blends well.

Witchy looks almost green in the pan, but by some witch craft it doesn't really look like that on the skin.  It is a khaki grey brown color with a pearl finish.  It has good pigmentation but can be a little dusty.  it also blends well.

Left to Right: Blush and Blossom
Blush is a strange color.  It is a beige with hints of a green undertone with almost a lilac pink duo-chrome effect.  It's very pretty, just hard to describe.  It has decent pigmentation, blends well, and is slightly powdery.  For some reason seeing these two next to one another reminded me of blush and bashful (just the names, not so much the colors) from Steel Magnolias.  I'm aware my brain is weird.
Blossom is a pretty slightly metallic pink with coppery undertones.  This is on the warmer side, but I'm sure I can make it work.  It has good pigmentation and blended well.

From Left to Right: Deep Purple and Treasure
Deep Purple is such a bland name for such a stunning color.  It's a rich metallic amethyst.  It has great pigmentation, blends well, and seriously, can you see how pretty that is?  I applied this over the top of Pink Champagne that I had put on with glitter glue and it transformed into a pale purple glitter that was gorgeous as well.

Treasure is a metallic champagne.  On me the warm shade is nice but rather ordinary.  I have seen this on dark skin tones and their skin transforms this into a true treasure.  It is stunning.  

Left to Right: Hot & Cold and Sherbert
Hot & Cold is a metallic coppery pink whiskey brown.  It definitely leans warm.  It has good pigmentation, is creamy, and blends well.  It is a very pretty color that is impossible not to love. 

Sherbert is a pearly peach with good pigmentation.  It blends beautifully.  It isn't so pearly that you can't use it as a transition color.  It just makes your skin look glowy.

Left to Right: Isla and Spirit Rock
Isla is a shimmering sea foam green with a very slight golden duo-chome.  It is creamy, has great pigmentation, and blends beautifully.  This is another color that sold me on this palette.  This type of color is very popular and I imagine it will be beautiful in a spring mermaid look.

Spirit Rock is a deep matte black with multicolored glitter.  Holy carp is this pigmented.  You can lose a lot of the glitter in the application, but it's still a good black.  It blends decently and if you use this to smudge your eyeliner it will help make it laaaaast.

From Top to Bottom: Buttery and Hot Chocolate
Buttery reminds me of whipping your own butter.  It is a matte very soft yellowed beige.  It is quite powdery, has decent pigmentation, and blends well.  It is very soft.  Care should be used when using this color so as not to make a mess.

Hot Chocolate is a medium deep chocolate brown with ruddy undertones.  The pigmentation on this is great, it blends well, and it is smooth and buttery.

With the exception of the brush, I was impressed with this palette.  The colors are very pigmented and long lasting.  You should use care because of how pigmented this palette is.  This really surprised me and I will definitely be buying more eye-shadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  If you want this palette, you should jump on it sooner rather than later because I am late to this Limited Edition show.  I purchased mine at Nordstrom and I used Ebates, this is my referral link.

When I say Treasure is beautiful on dark skin, this Sugar Plum video by MsPreciousMarie is a great example of that.  Jaclyn Hill used it in this gorgeous Smokey Halo Eye.

* I got Self-Made with the help of my well used debit card.  

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  1. How can it be cruelty free and made in china, when it's well known that china requires animal testing??????????? That lsbel sounds like misrepresentation fool pplvwho d ok n't know brtter. Plus, it's illegal to misrepresent in a label...

  2. Gosh, sorry about misspellings in previous message, but i stand by opinion that that labelling is total bs!

  3. Gosh, sorry about misspellings in previous message, but i stand by opinion that that labelling is total bs!

  4. How can it be cruelty free and made in china, when it's well known that china requires animal testing??????????? That lsbel sounds like misrepresentation fool pplvwho d ok n't know brtter. Plus, it's illegal to misrepresent in a label...

    1. That's a really good point. At this time PETA does still list Anastasia Beverly Hills as a Cruelty free brand. Unfortunately, there are many sneaky ways for companies to get around the Cruelty Free thing, so you might be right.

    2. And it may be the difference that if it's made in China it may be Cruelty Free but if it is sold in China it has to be tested.