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January 2016 Ipsy First Look

By 6:36 PM

This month the theme for Ipsy was All Eyes on You.  They did stick with their theme and all of the products I received were eye products.  Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription service.  You get points for referring friends.  However, the points system isn't that great.  Most things require 1000 points and if it's less than they're usually sold out.  However, this month they had several items that were 250 points, maybe they're trying to fix that problem.  I should receive those with my next subscription bag, so I'll show those then.  I still don't like posting my reviews to Facebook though.

The bag
Ipsy has bags that they give with your monthly subscription.  This one was pretty cute.

Mitchell and Peach
This is another item I've received in my boxes/bags, though perhaps not in this scent.  It's the Mitchell and Peach English Showers Body Cream.  It's £36.00 for 180 ml.  It sinks in well and is moisturizing, but I'm not a fan of the scent.  It's an herbal sort of scent, but not in a pleasant way.  This time they shipped it in a plastic bag, again showing that they are learning and in case there was leakage, this bag would have protected my other items.

Next up is an item I already know I like.  The Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Eye Adore Serum and it came in the November Boxycharm.  A small dot will moisturize both eyes and it feels wonderful.  I use it morning and night, it does take a time little to set, so if you use it during the day, make sure to set it. It is moisturizing but it may be causing my eye-makeup to smudge during the day.  I guess I'll have to set it better.  It's $65.00 for the full size 15 ml.

I also received the Hikari Cosmetics Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Mink.  It's $13.00 for the full size.  I'm not sure I feel that the color is actually a mink color.  It's a bronze shade.  It swatches well and we'll see how it goes on but, why is it that I nearly always receive bronze cream eyeshadows in my bags/boxes?  This is the third one like this I have received.  I would love more taupe in my life.

Next up was Mr. Write Now in Jac, by the Balm.  This was once again a bronzy almost old gold sort of shade.  I suppose it would go well with the cream eyeshadow.  Some people were very lucky and got it in the color Scott which is a pretty wine color.  It is a roll up liner and decently pigmented, although a little on the dry side.  It is $17.00 for the full size.

 Lastly, I received a smudge brush from Beau Gâchis.  The handle feels rubberized and the bristles are almost as soft as the MAC 217, but a little more scratchy.  It sells for $12.00 normally but they are selling it for $10.00 on the website.  It's not a bad brush, I always love getting brushes in my bags/boxes.

 Again, this was a pretty good bag.  In both Ipsy and Birchbox, there were lotions that I was not wild about the scent.  There were eyeliners, obviously the Eyeko one wins there. I think the brush was my favorite item in my Ipsy.  I have had the eye cream and the dry shampoo before.  I really was excited about the mask and the primer in the Birchbox.  I think that Birchbox will continue the lead 6 to 4.

 * As per usual, I buy my own boxes.  They don't magically show up for my pleasure.

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