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ColourPop More Better Ultra Matte Lip Review

By 4:10 PM

I'm a big fan of Colourpop and after I tried Clueless and liked it, I thought I'd try another Ultra Matte Lip.  When I saw More Better, I wanted it.  I love that sort of berry wine color.  Once I decided I wanted it, it was always sold out.  Isn't that just always the case with such things?

Simple box
I finally did get my hands on it though.  ColourPop's More Better is 3.2 g of liquid lipstick for $6.00.  It is made in the USA, Vegan, and they do not test on animals.

More Better
The packaging is simple but nice.  It's hard plastic with a silver cap and trim.  The letters are printed in the holographic silver.

The applicator is a small doe foot.  It is on the hard side.  Unlike the regular lipsticks, which have a vanilla scent, this doesn't have much of a scent.  Just a barely there chemical scent.

More Better Swatch
I feel like this color would look pretty on anyone.  From my paper pale skin to much darker skin tones.  The pigmentation on this beautiful.  The color is everything I dreamed, a beautiful berry wine.

Patchy fun time
The formula was recently changed.  Apparently, the old formula was very dry.  I think with more liquid lipsticks, you kind of expect that.  The application is a little patchy and you have to work around that if you want to make this work on you.

Now that's More Better
It has a powdery finish and should be applied in a thin layer.  If you apply it thickly it may ball up.  If applied thinly it's also much more comfortable.  When applied in a thicker layer it will be more drying.  It is very long lasting.  As with other liquid lipsticks, you should make sure that your lips are in good condition, exfoliated, moisturized, and clean before applying this.

I didn't have problems with it drying down, unless I applied it too thick.  If I did that, it never really dried down and would be smudgy throughout the day.

This is a stunning color perfect for fall and winter, although I would probably wear it year round.  If you put in care to apply it, using thin layers, you'll be able to enjoy it for roughly seven hours.  It does wear off unevenly, so prepare for that.

Overall, I like it, but it does require effort.  I'm not in love with this formula but I do love the color.

* I More Bettered my life by myself.  No one tried to get me to be More Better.

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