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January 2016 Birchbox Man First Look

By 10:15 PM

Now I might be a box kleptomaniac.  I borrowed this box when Taylor went to work.  I know, I'm a very bad woman.  I did return it though! The Birchbox Man is $20.00 per month and also earns points.  You earn 50 points or $5.00 in the Birchbox store for referring friends.  You earn 10 points per review on items you review from your Birchbox and also from purchasing things in the store.

Birchbox Man
Men get a rather plain, but manly box.  They get some cool stuff sometimes and generally makes it worth the $20.00 a month men pay.  The theme this month was Reboot.

This month Taylor got a Marvis Toothpase in Cinnamon Mint, it's $10.50 for the 75 ml full size.  It's imported from Italy and has a wonderful scent.  It does have lots of parabens though and no fluoride, so really quite up to your personal thoughts on that.

I can't see Taylor using too much of this.  It's Proraso Pre-Shave Cream and the full size is 3.53 oz and sells for $13.00.  It has a menthol scent.  He likes his beard, but this would be good for his neck area.  He loves his Art of Shaving, but trying new things is good for the soul or something.  Plus if he likes this, it's waaaaaaaay cheaper than the other.  This is another Italian import.

 Next up was the Foreo Cleanser for Men it's a gel formula, the full size is $29.95 for 3.3 fl oz.  It's meant to be used with the Foreo tool, so one wouldn't receive the full benefit from just using the wash.  It does come out black from having volcanic rock and it's supposed to change colors when the light from the tool "activates" it.

Lab Series
Lab Series Future Rescue Repair Serum is the next item he received.  The full size is 1.7 oz and it sells for a whopping $60.00.  It's supposed to rebuild collagen and all sorts of useful stuff.  It smells good and felt refreshing when he applied it after a shower yesterday.

The last item he received was a valet tray by Octovo.  It buttons up to form that tray and is $60.00!  It's a good size and make a nice tray for keys and wallets and game password push button things.  It feels like it's a good quality and is yet another neat item the men receive.

What do you think?  Did he do well this month?

* Taylor paid for this box himself.  I borrowed it and reviewed it all by myself.  If you would like to try this out and use his referral code rather than mine, feel free to do so.

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