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January 2016 Birchbox First Look

By 4:02 PM

Birchbox is another $10.00 per month subscription box.  It has sample sized beauty items.  They have both men's and women's boxes.  The men's boxes are $20.00 and sometimes they make me jealous.  I really like Birchbox's points system.  

You receive 10 points per review and 50 points for referring friends.  100 points is $10.00 in the Birchbox store and you can use it towards anything in their store.  Birchbox also includes a a card the describes the theme on one side and the products and the prices for the full sizes on the other.  This month's theme was 2016: The Year of ______.

Inside were stickers that you could add to decide what your year was going to be.  I wanted to use too many, so I decided not to play with my stickers.

My first item was the Whish Body Butter in Lavender.  It's $24.00 for the full size of 5 oz.  On the plus side it is decently moisturizing,non greasy, Leaping Bunny Certified, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, but it's lavender.  Usually they do a good job of matching fragrance, so I probably would have been happier if they had done that.  I hate.  Detest.  Loathe.  Despise the scent of lavender.  It's lightly scented, but still, it's lavender.  It comes in many other scents, but it being lavender means this won't be something I'll use.  I'm sure someone else will take this off my hands though.

Next up was the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo.  It's reasonably priced, $9.00 for 1 oz. It has a slightly perfumed scent.  It doesn't leave a white cast in my hair and uses safer ingredients than many other dry shampoos.  It's not bad, I have had this before, I think it may have came in before I started my blog.

Now this is the scent I wish my lotion had been.  I love pomegranate.  I am looking forward to trying this.  I have only tried one other sheet mask.  I liked it, but the eye holes were a little off.  Maybe this one will be better.  This mask is by BioRepublic and it's in Pomegranate Crush, it is normally $4.99 for one mask, but they also have three masks for $14.95, and ten masks for $44.95.

Since I like matte foundations, primers with some luminosity add a little something special.  I enjoy receiving them and was happy to get this one.  It's the IPKN New York Flash Cream Radiant Primer and it is 1.35 oz for $28.00.  It has a nice glow and it does liven up my matte foundations.  It'll be nice to see if it does prolong the wear on my foundation.  It has an SPF of 15.

Lastly was the item we were supposed to be given in all our boxes many months ago.  Then it got stuck in customs.  I was then able to pick this for my monthly selection.  I did stew over the lip stain for a second, because of BabsBeauty Popsicle lips.  I mean who wouldn't want to look even a tiny bit like her?

The Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner in black is very black.  It is $18.00 for 3.5 oz.  It has a glossy finish but patting a black shadow over that will dull that down.  It is long lasting.  It's fairly easy to use and not bad for a quick line.  We'll see how long it lasts, as it has been my experience that felt tips love to dry up on you.

Overall, I really liked this box.  My least favorite item was the lotion, of course.  Well, Ipsy is up next.  Last month, Birchbox took the lead.

* I buy all of my monthly subscription boxes myself.  No one pays me to review or send me items to review.

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