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November 2016 BoxyCharm First Look ♥♥♥

By 8:00 PM

I always look forward to getting my subscription boxes, but I have to admit, Boxycharm is my favorite box.  Every time I receive a box it has been worth every penny and then some.  If you want, this is my referral link.  When you refer a friend you receive 500 points.  You also receive points just for getting a box delivered! 

  For $21.00 a month you get four to five full size products. The points earned take off money in the store.  The store isn't as extensive as Birchbox, but it's still pretty good.  1000 points will take off $10.00, 2000 takes off $20.00, and so on.  It also contains a card that lists the prices and information on the products you receive.

The theme this month was Groovy Town.

Vintage by Jessica Liebskind
There were a couple different kind of blushes you could receive.  Some lucky people got Makeup Geek blushes.  I love the box on this.  It has matte white with metallic gold roses.  I love roses.  The actual blush package is matte white with the brand in metallic gold lettering.  This is the Vintage by Jessica Leibeskind Illuminating Face Highlighter, this one is in Rose Gold.  It is $32.00 for the full size 8.16g, which was in the box.  It looks as though this can be used as a highlighter or blush topper.

The Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream Pen with glacial flower extract is something I have been wanting to try.  This was the full size and it is 3.97 g for $20.00.  It has the usual claims for an eye cream, banishing dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, and some light crime fighting.  Okay, maybe not the last part.  I was excited about this, although, I would have been happy to receive the marula oil some received in their boxes.

 There was also this Bellápierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème in Antique Pink.  Again, this was a full size and was 3.8 g for $20.00.  Another bonus?  This color says, "Coming Soon" on Bellápierre's site.  So, it seems we got a preview of this color, maybe?  It is darker than it appears in the bottle, which can either be good or bad.  I really liked the color in the bottle, but the dusty mauve color is pretty too.

I love getting brushes in my box!  It's a good thing this one came, my other pencil brush is from Sigma and it's looking a little ragged.  This is the C513 Pro detail Crease by Crown and is $12.99.  It is Capra hair (goat).  It has little indents on the side for comfort when holding.  It is dense and soft.

Studio Makeup
Yay!  A cool toned palette!  I love Boxycharm!  This is the Studio Makeup On-the-Go Palette in Cool Down.  It is a full size 13.5 g palette with 9 shadows.  It sells for $49.95.  I am so excited!  I especially love the burgundy color.  Also, the buff color.  And the rose gold.  okay, I'm just really excited for the whole thing!

Okay, Boxycharm did a GREAT job this month.  This was $134.94 worth of products and most of them, I'll use!How do they keep being so awesome?  I'm thinking it's run by wizards and witches.  It'll come out in a Potterverse movie.  Don't burst my bubble!

Did you see? I started my own YouTube Channel!  Okay, it's very basic, but I'm broke and film with my phone with natural light lol.

* I purchased Boxycharm with my own hard earned cash.

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