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November 2016 Ipsy First Look

By 7:13 PM

This month will be the first that Ipsy and Birchbox don't battle it out, because I cancelled my Birchbox.  I just wasn't happy with the samples lately.  Ipsy isn't on my naughty list though and I have continued to subscribe.

 Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription bag.  You do earn points be reviewing the products and getting your friends to join, this is my referral code if you ever want to use it.

Cute Bag!!!!
This month had a cute bag that was blue with a soft texture and had silver cosmetic constellations.  The zipper even had a little star.  It is a keeper. The theme was Ipsy Rockstarlet.

I'm getting more into blush, so I was happy I got a blush.  This is from Doucce, the full size is $28.00.  The Doucce blushes are supposed to be good on all skin tones, but this is in Zen Orange and isn't a shade I can wear without looking like I've started the zombie apocalypse.  These are supposed to be long wearing, have a silky texture, and blend well.  I'll probably give this away, because it would look much prettier on someone that isn't me.  This is made in China.

 I really was disappointed to get another red lipstick, but after I swatched it, I got over that feeling.  This is from Absolute New York and is in the shade Dark Red.  This was a full size and sells for $5.99.  I love how the top displays the color inside, it should be something more companies do as it would make it easy to store products right side up and see what color it is.  What I didn't like is the top, because it's a firmer formula and has a big top, it can be harder to get a precise application.  I would definitely use a lip brush with this, which I did not do in the pic.  However, I sometimes don't wear foundation in lip swatches, doesn't the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation make it look way better?  This is also made in China and smells deliciously synthetic fruity.

We have received Nuxe products before and I have enjoyed them, so I was excited by this.  The Nuxe Nuxellence Detox Detoxifying and Youth Revealing Anti-Aging Care is a night serum that is normally $75.00 for the full size 1.5 oz pump bottle.  Right now they have it on sale for $39.00.  Skin doesn't really detox, so I'm taking that claim with a grain of salt.  It is supposed to revive your complexion while you sleep.  Again, a product I am excited to try.  This is made in France.

Who doesn't like receiving Benefit products?  Well, there may be those people out there, but I am not one of them!  The Benefit POREfessional is a YouTube Vlogger favorite and I'm excited to try it.  It comes in several sizes at Sephora, you can get a travel sized .25 oz for $12.00, the middle ground .75 oz for $31.00, or the jumbo 1.5 oz for $44.00.  It contains vitamin E, has a silky formula, and is supposed to help prolong your makeup and reduce the look of pores.  I have heard that this isn't wonderful on dry skin, but winter dry hasn't hit me yet, so I still get to be excited.  This was made in the USA.

I have received the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in a previous box, I want to say Birchbox.  It has a felt tip and it does create a nice, black line.  It is $18.00 for the improved (it says "new" but this isn't a new product, so I'm deducting the "new") 2 gram eye liner.  I didn't open this one to create the swatch, so this is the previous one I had, going strong.  It has been stored upside down.  This brand is against animal testing.  It is supposed to have a smudge proof finish and dry fast.  I don't remember why I wasn't completely thrilled with this, but it may be the tip?  I know the Kat Von D is still my favorite.

I was very happy with this bag.  Seriously, Ipsy, good job.

* I pay for my own subscription bags.  No one knows who I am, nor cares to send me free stuff and things.

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