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Birchbox Man July 2015 First Look

By 10:43 PM

I was just on vacation, it was wonderful. I'm sorry I didn't post on vacation, I just really enjoyed it.  I'm back now!  I know, you missed me like the moon misses the sun or some such nonsense.

Now on to the box I borrowed.  My boyfriend passed out after a long day of work and I stole his Birchbox.  I know, I'm a very bad woman.  I did return it though! The Birchbox Man is $20.00 per month and also earns points.  You earn 50 points or $5.00 in the Birchbox store for referring friends.  You earn 10 points per review on items you review from your Birchbox and also from purchasing things in the store.

Summer Epic!
This month's theme was Summer Epic.  Should we say it was an epic summer?  It will be!  I just have this feeling!  PS the box isn't as pretty as the women's box.  Sorry guys :D

English Laundry
The first item was Riviera by English Laundry.  It is $76.00 for 3.4 oz.  It's a spicy scent with bergamot, cedar, lime, sandalwood and other scents.  It smells very masculine and gets a female thumbs up.

Ha ha!  The men get sunscreen too lol.  Okay, maybe I shouldn't lol.  But I get annoyed with sunscreen in every box I open and I like sunscreen. So, I find it amusing that the boys get the same in their boxes.  I've had the Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum in SPF 30 many times before and it's good sunscreen, it had better be for $42.00 for 50 ml.  It is geared for the face, which is nice!  It's supposed to not only protect your pretty face, but repair the damage and prime.  What I desperately want is something to spray over my makeup and refresh my sunscreen at the same time.  I guess that might not be a thing every male would be looking into though.

His next item was a decent size sample of the shampoo and a foil packet (I hate those things in sample boxes) of the conditioner.  It's the V76 by Vaughn hydrating shampoo.  It is $24.00 for the full size 8 oz shampoo and $25.00 for the 6 oz conditioner!  It smells deliciously male.  It's supposed to be great for a dry scalp and everything the pool and beach will do to your do. Just saying, but I use way more conditioner than shampoo.  On days I don't shampoo sometimes I just condition.  Why not more conditioner?  Especially, if it's like a dollar more for two less ounces?

Billy Jealousy
The next item really smells good with the cologne and the shampoo.  It has a citrus, bergamot, sandalwood thing working for it.  It's $20.00 for the full size 236 ml bottle.  It's supposed to soften, soothe, and hydrate, so, also good after your water activities.

Profound Aesthetic
I might be jealous about this.  It is a Profound Aesthetic Co. pocket size journal in raw leather, which they sell for $32.00.  The leather is lovely and has that wonderful leather smell.  You know what I'm talking about.  The paper is medium thickness, creamy, smooth, and unlined.

I'm jealous of the journal.  What do you think?  Should I continue to take a peak into this box?

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