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February 2016 France Universal Yums

By 9:06 PM

If you like to try new foods, you may be interested in this subscription box, it's the Universal Yums Box.  Every month they have a different country featured.  Ever since Taylor got his first box, he waits on this box like there is a golden ticket to the Wonka Factory inside.

It comes with a little book that has some trivia about the featured country and  description of each treat on the inside.  On the back it gives clues for you to figure which country will be the focus of next month's box.  The clues aren't hard to figure out, but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for anyone wanting to subscribe.

Boxes are shipped the 8th through the 15th and they ship quickly.  There are two boxes to choose from, the Yum Box which sends out 6 or more snacks for $13.00 or the Yum Yum Box which has 13 or more snacks for $25.00.

This has been the box Taylor has been waiting for ever since he first subscribed.  My personal favorite of the boxes has been India.  I just loved the seasonings on everything.  Taylor can't decide which his favorite was, but he loves every box.

The box has tissue paper made to resemble the flag of the country they are spotlighting.  I think it is a nice detail to add.

Rochambeau Cheese Puffs were the first things he saw and pulled out of the bag.  These cheese puffs have a flavor that actually tastes more like cheese than our American ones.  They are light and crisp and have a nice tang.

St. Michel
The St. Michel Mini Madeleines were another item he received.  They are a dense, slightly sweet sponge cake.  I liked these because it wasn't like bam! sugar in your mouth, go brush your teeth because you're getting five new cavities from eating this.  It was the right kind of sweet.

Rendez Vous
First off, how adorable is that little tin?  This was the Rendez Vous Pastilles Rose.  I'm not in love with rose flavoring, it is like eating perfume.  Which is generally a bad thing.  Unless you have flavored perfume...  But these had a nice, soft rose flavoring, if you don't bite into them.  If you bite, you're getting a perfumed bite with the added bonus of black licorice after taste.  Yum.

These could have me swearing off American chocolate forever.  They were the Gavottes Crêpe Dentelle in dark chocolate.  The chocolate was rich and melted beautifully in the mouth.  It coated a lovely crisp little wafer of a crêpe.  Sooo good.

Ker Cadélac
The Ker Cadélac Palets Britons were a crispy buttery cookie.  They are wonderful dipped in coffee as well.  Taylor said he was moving to France after tasting these.  Bon voyage.

This caramel is the real deal.  It's sweet and creamy and buttery and beautiful.  The Lutti Magnificat Caramels taste like caramel should taste.

The Malabar Goût Barb à papa is a cotton candy flavored gum.  It's a little hard when you first pop it in.  It may seem tasteless at the very beginning, but the flavor comes through as you chew.  It also has a little temporary tattoo.

The Carambar Caramel is delicious.  It has a creamy goodness with a touch of cocoa.  They also have a silly joke on the inside of the package.

Dragée Pécou
Dragée Pécou LiquiCroc's are hard shelled almond shaped little dark chocolate treasures with a salted buttery caramel liquid center.

Chabert & Guillot
Chabert & Guillot nougat is soft and almondy.  It is nicely sweetened with honey and has pistachios.  I'm not normally a nougat fan, but this was pretty good.

Michel et Augustin
Michel et Augustine Lemon Meringue cookies a crisp butter cookie with a gooey lemon topping and little bits of meringue on top.

Pierrot Gourmand
Pierrot Gourmand lollipops were the last item in the box.  There were four flavors that one could have received.  The ones that Taylor got were the orange and the cherry.  I wonder what the raspberry tasted like, I love raspberry!

Overall, this was a lot of fun to try.  I love the way most of these were not overly sweet.  The French chocolate is lovely.

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