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ColourPop Lumière 2 Ultra Matte Lip

By 10:12 PM

I know I was trying to give ColourPop a bit of a break.  I seem to have an addiction.  But they did something naughty.  They introduced Lumière 2.  I don't know if you remember, but Lumière (OG) was one of the first ColourPop lippies I tried and it fed into this addiction.  It was also the first collaboration that Kathleen Lights had ever done.  It has also been my most popular post. Warning, there will be many pics, so brace yourself, my pretties.

This was released on Kathleen Lights birthday.  It was her 24th birthday, so happy birthday to her. She is freaking adorable and no one can tell me otherwise.  The ColourPop Lumière 2 Ultra Matte Lip is only $6.00 for the full size 3.2 g.  Yuppers, six bucks.

The packaging is that lovely white with holographic lettering that boldly announces it is an Ultra Matte Lip.  It appears to be a nice mauve shade in the clear tube with the silver lid and border.  They are made in the USA and not tested on animals.  This particular shade is also Vegan.

Like the other ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips I've tried (Clueless and More Better), this has a doe foot applicator.  I do use the given applicator in my lip swatches, but you can get a cleaner application by using a lip brush.

Lumière 2
Lumière 2 is a lovely deep mauve color.  It is a nice every day but bam! color.  Emeril lives in my everyday life as well, it should probably be noted.  Also to be noted, Lumière OG and 2 are sisters, not twins.  Kinda like your eyebrows.  I know that's the whole reason you got with the click and joined me here, so I took pics.

Left to Right: L2 and OG
Left to Right:OG + pencil and L2
I may like the color of Lumière 2 just a little bit better than OG Lumière.  It is a little deeper and slightly cooler.  However, I still love the formula of the Lippie Stix better.  

Left side to Right: Lumière 2 and Lumière
They are both beautiful colors, Lumière might be a little more day wear friendly on pale skin, but Lumière is still beautiful and wearable in its own right.

It has a great opacity and hides my lip birth mark well.  It is better with a primer under it, as it can settle into the lines a little.  It is drying, but not overly so.  It takes a bit to dry down and will remain tacky for hours.  This will last a good seven hours, longer with a primer.  It stays on through eating, however oily foods will break it down faster.  As with all liquid lipsticks, it is better to exfoliate and make sure your lips are moisturized before applying.

 I think it will look lovely on most skin tones.  I know I'm super pale, so here is the color on darker skin, with Kat Ace, just to show how lovely it looks.  If anyone knows where she got that necklace...♥

I'm a fan. 

* No one got me to keep mauving mauving with Lumière 2.  I bought it with my own money and chose to blog about it by myself. 

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