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February 2016 Ipsy First Look

By 8:34 PM

Hello again, my friends.  Ipsy finally arrived and you know what that means!

This month the theme for Ipsy was Pretty in Ipsy Pink.  Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription service.  You get points for referring friends.  However, the points system isn't that great.  Most things require 1000 points and if it's less than that they're usually sold out.  However, last month they had several items that were 250 points, maybe they're trying to fix that problem.  I received one of those with my subscription bag, so I'll show that at the end.  I still don't like posting my reviews to Facebook though.

Loved the bag this month.  It was adorable with an envelope pattern on front and hot pink back.

The first item in my bag was the new Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil, the full size is $42.00.  It doesn't have much of a scent.  I have only tried it on the back of my hand, it feels very moisturizing, probably perfect for aging or dry skin.  When it dries it has the most minimal tackiness.  I could see this being good for winter or for a dewy look as well (especially with high lighting to make for a nicely "strobed" look).  It makes my skin very soft.  It looks like you only need about two drops and you gently pat into the skin.  It doesn't take long to absorb.  It has good oils like jojoba and argan.  I'm a little leary of the lavender oil which can be irritating to sensitive skin.  I'm looking forward to trying this.

Margaret Dabbs
I'm not a fan of glass files.  They generally have a harsh grain and aren't that great.  When I saw this coming in my bag I was like, "eh."  Well, me of little faith.  This Margaret Dabbs London Crystal Nail File is wonderful!  It's normally $15.00 and has a finer grain than most and would be perfect for my purse.  Margaret Dabbs may have a bit of a foot fetish, being a podiatrist and creating her own line of beautiful to use foot products and has me wanting a pedicure from one of her people!  Looks like I'm going to London!  Oh wait, I can't afford that :(

TrèStique has some of the cutest packaging.  When I saw that I was getting this TrèStique in Bora Bora Coral I wanted to strap on my sad face.  Another moment of the cool toned girl getting the shaft.  However, one swatch left me intrigued.  Yes, this is a coral and leans slightly warm, but it has enough pink that it might be the perfect color to add some spring to my cheeks.  I think I may have to give this a go.  The full size appears to come with a little blending brush and is $24.00.  My arm swatches can blend this to nothing, but hopefully it will do more on the face.  Plus, being fair and having blushes going clownish on me in 0 to 3 seconds, I might be able to work with this.

Perfect Formula
Holy fudge sticks.  This next item is the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat and it is $30.00 for the .6 oz full size.  Yes, you read that right.  Thirty.  Trente.  Trenta.  Tríocha.  Deg ar hugain.  Tretti.  Um, anyways.  Its pink hues are supposed to nullify yellow in your nails and whiten the white part.  Perfect for the person who wants to strengthen their nails but prefers a naked nail look.  Mais, c'est trop cher, even if I did like it.  $30.00.  For a clear nail polish.  That had better polish my nails for me and make them as hard to chip as sapphires (Note that I didn't say diamond.  Diamonds are actually easy to chip having perfect cleavage on four parts of an octahedral plane. - former jeweler /off)

Elizabeth and James
I love this fragrance.  Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is a lovely mix of vanilla, sandalwood, and violets.  I have two roller-balls and a sample spray of this already.  I'm not sad at all to receive it again.  It is $60.00 for the 1 oz size of this.  Oddly enough my cats hide when I wear the white version of this so, I don't wear it.  However, if you don't like cats, you may want to try that as a form of feline repellent.

I was very surprised by this box.  I had thought that Birchbox had it when I did the sneak peak but Bora Bora and the nail file were winners.  With the addition of  the perfume of Ipsy being great and not even being able to try the Birchbox one, I think the winner is clear.  Birchbox: 6 Ipsy: 5.  Way to go Ipsy.

Having loved the Novex deep conditioner, when I saw this leave in for 250 points, I decided that I wanted it.  It was a good size bottle, far larger than I expected.  I also ordered the La Neige face but that didn't arrive.  Ipsy was wonderful when I messaged about that over sight and they are mailing that out to me.

* I buy my own boxes.  No one pays for my Ipsy, but me.

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