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Urban Decay Tonic Eyeshadow

By 6:26 PM

Once upon a time, I was watching an Amy Macedo Purple & Blue Duochrome makeup look.  I fell in love.  I went to Sephora to try to order it, but it was Sold Out.  I was finally able to order it, like six months later.

Urban Decay Tonic Eyeshadow is a whopping $19.00 for a single .05 oz.  It isn't tested on animals.

The packaging is nice.  The UD on top is raised.  It's a silver colored plastic and is light weight.

The color is a lovely lilac purple with a blue shift.

The pigmentation on this is quite good.  It is finely milled and rather creamy.  It isn't powdery and I didn't notice much fall out.  It blends well and is wonderful wet and dry.  You can even more payout with a base like NYX Milk.

Left to Right: Urban Decay Tonic and Makeup Geek Blacklight
The color is very similar to Makeup Geek's Blacklight.  I wouldn't call it an exact dupe, but they are very similar.

Left to Right Tonic and Blacklight
Blacklight isn't quite as dark or pigmented.  It is slightly more pink than Tonic.  Blacklight is only $6.00.  The formula of the Urban Decay is slightly better.  It is very long lasting and pigmented, but if $19.00 just hurts too much, or if you just can't get a hold of it because it seems to always be sold out, I would go for Blacklight as your next best bet.

Overall, I really do love this shade.  It's practically perfect.  Except for the price.  Paying $19.00 for one eyeshadow is not Broke Woman friendly.

* I purchased this at Sephora and I used Ebates, this is my referral link.

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