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Makeup Geek Duochrome Blacklight Eyeshadow

By 7:00 PM

Of the Makeup Geek Duochromes that I purchased, this one is one of my favorites.  It's the Makeup Geek Duochrome in Blacklight.

Makeup Geek
The Makeup Geek duochromes come in two forms, pan and pot.  The pan forms fit nicely in a Zpalette.  The 1.8 gram pan comes in a rose gold sleeve and is only $6.00.

They are made in the USA and they are Cruelty Free.

Blacklight is a brightened lilac with a subtle blue shift.  There are some pink hues in there.

It has decent pigmentation, can look a little sheer.  It is powdery and can sink into lines.  This definitely benefits from a primer or a base.  It looks nice wet.  It is slightly dry, but overall it's good for the price.  It is very similar to Urban Decay Tonic.  I loved it in this look by Manny MUA.

* I purchased this on my own.  No one raved about this for me to try the blacklight special.

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