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L'Oréal Infallible Golden Sage Eye Shadow

By 9:27 PM

About the same time Amy Macedo convinced me that I needed Urban Decay Tonic, she also talked me into L'Oréal Infallible Golden Sage Eyeshadow - 333.  It was this Wearable Olive Green Smokey Eye look.  Now how pretty is that?  I know, I mentioned this look in my Makeup Geek Fantasy Review, but it really should be mentioned again.

The problem was that Amy got her color in Permanent Kaki.  I could not find that color for the life of me.  I searched high, I searched low, I followed something about green eggs, it was intense.  But then there was someone that mentioned that the color Permanent Kaki is the color Golden Sage in the US (Amy is from Canada, so that might have been the situation).  I'm not sure if that's for sure the case, but is seems real enough.  I was able to find it on and hey, I got to use Ebates (referral link), so that made me happy.  It was $7.95 for .12 oz of product.

The base product is housed in a clear plastic.  You can see the pretty color there.  The top is grey and unscrews to reveal a grey tamper that is not to be thrown away.  Because this eyeshadow is a pressed pigment, the tamper helps keep it pressed.

This color has been around for years, since like 2011 or 2012.  It has good pigmentation and has a buttery texture.

The color is a lovely metallic mossy green with hints of gold.  It applies easily, I like patting it in with a brush.  I always use a primer and it shows up very well on the lid as well.  It lasts all day long.  It may have issues with blending, but I've pretty much just worn it like the video that Amy made, so that hasn't been an issue.

I didn't notice much fading or creasing and they lasted about 10ish hours.  I have never tried to wear them longer, so I can't say if it is truly 24 hours, but it did have good staying power.  They might seem a little high for a drug store price, but they do have more in them than a regular eyeshadow.

I know that people tell you not to put blue with blue eyes or green with green eyes, but this color does seem to bring out the green in my eyes, so I'm in.  I'm thinking about trying other colors, but I have been buying a few palettes lately, so I may need to pace that thought with that of the reality of my bank account.

* I paid for this myself after much hunting for it.

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