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Kat Von D Tattoo Liner vs Jesse's Girl Liquid Liner

By 2:35 PM

Black liquid liner is one of those things that always seems to come back.  It's the little black dress of the makeup world.  The Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is the darling of the YouTube world right now.  It is quite black, the brush makes for very precise application, and is very easy to use.  I have never been into liquid liners, I definitely preferred gel. Gel is easy, I tended to make a mess with liquid liner.

The Kat Von D changed all that.  It's just so foolproof.  I think it's the brush.  It doesn't break up like a felt tip or clog up like one either. The down side?  It is shiny and if you want a matte look you'd have to go over it with an eye-shadow.  It's also $19.00 for 0.02 fl oz.  Some people have had issues with theirs drying out, but I have not have any issues with that.

In came Jesse's Girl Liquid Liner.  They are both of a similar size.  With Jesse's Girl being .017 oz but for $6.99.  It is a little smaller, but not anything most people would notice.  The Jesse's Girl is heavier and kinda looks like it would be the more expensive one.

The brushes are also very similar.  With Jesse's Girl being just a skosh longer.   The Kat Von D brush does allow for a more precise application.

From Left to Right: Kat Von D Trooper and Jesse's Girl Black
The Kat Von D makes a finer line but the Jesse's Girl is a little darker.  Because of these things, Jesse's Girl has been called a dupe for Kat Von D.  Jesse's Girl is more matte.  However, it is more watery and takes longer to dry.  Because it's so runny, it can feather out into any lines. I was back to making a mess with liner.  I did get the hang of it, then it just dried up on me.  After like a week and half of using it! I have had the Kat Von D for longer and it's going strong.  The only thing you have to do is shake it before use.

I have heard that storing the Jesse's Girl upside down helps with it drying out.  I may try to get another Jesse's Girl Liner, just to see if the one I had was a dud.  If I do, I'll try storing it upside down, to see if that works.

At this point, I'll be sticking with the Kat Von D.  Or at least until I try the Stila one....

* I buy my own little black dress liner.  No one sent me Jesse's Girl or Kat Von D for giggles.

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