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ColourPop Fern Lippie Stix and Pencil

By 8:47 PM

Once upon a few months ago purple lipsticks scared me.  So, I tried Brills.  It was a great way to try purple without going full on crazy purple.  A gateway purple if you will.  So, I decided I would try another purple after all of the compliments I get when I wear Brills.

ColourPop Fern Lippie Stix and Pencil are part of ColourPop's Spring Collection and as such they may not be around forever.  They are each $5.00.  ColourPop does not test on animals.  Their products are made in California.

 All of their Lippie Stix and Pencils are supposed to be vegan.  When I noticed carmine as one of the ingredients, I was concerned as that is not a vegan ingredient.  I contacted ColourPop and they quickly let me know that what they have listed is a "composite list" as to do full list with all of their products might get insane.  There is a small +/- before the coloring ingredients and after that little note it is all stuff the product "may contain."  If they actually use carmine in a product they include it in their FAQ's.  So, hey, the more you know, right?

Gotta say, I love that they took the time to email me back so quickly and didn't just send some stock letter.  PS Thank you Delaney!

The cat kept knocking these over so I just went with what I could get in a pic.
Fern is a cool toned violet in their cream formula.  It is very comfortable on the lips.  It will transfer like no one's business.

The pigmentation is good and two coats will make it fully opaque.  It has a lovely vanilla scent that does fade quickly.

It lasts all day on me.  But I think it's actually slightly staining, so when the lipstick wears, you're left with the color and not looking weird and faded.  I adore this color and I feel this might prod me into the deep end of purple lips.

I really think that unless you're already a purple pro, you need this color.  If you're already all over the purple thing, this color won't rock your world.  By that I mean it isn't total drama purple.  It's very wearable.  So, if you're looking for a shocking purple this won't be that color.  This is an every day purple.  It's a great color for spring and summer and I really hope they keep this in the full line up.

* I got tried to get fern for free in the garden.  Bees weren't as friendly as I'd hoped.  I decided to order this and pay for it instead :)

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