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ColourPop Tootsi Lippie Stix and Pencil

By 9:39 PM

If you have watched YouTube lately you know that Lime Crime had a hit on their hands with the color Cashmere.  It is a greige (grey beige) that is just so unusual and somehow became a total hit.  It has a been described with a very inelegant although amusing term linking it to a certain orifice that doesn't often see the light of day. Like everyone else, I wanted it so bad, in spite of that likening.  I lusted after it.  That sounds so wrong.

Lime Crime wasn't a company that I felt I wanted to support.  If you want to read more on it, just Google it.  I'm not going there, but suffice it to say, I will not be buying Lime Crime.

So, I kept waiting for dupes and there have been some that looked promising.

Then my heroes, ColourPop, came out with Tootsi Lippie Stix and Pencil.  Wouldn't you know it?  I bought them.  They are $5.00 each.  It has a light vanilla scent.

Tootsi is a cool toned matte greige that is actually quite wearable.  It's kind of a nude but a more unusual nude.  As with all of ColourPop's mattes it goes on creamy and will dry down to a matte.

Swatchy fun time

 It does transfer, but the color will be with you all day.  Even after eating.  Although, if you have a bowl of oil surprise, it will most likely remove the color as that's just what oils do.  It has great pigmention and nearly covers the birthmark on my bottom lip.

Tootsi pencil and lipstick

As with Wet I found that it is fun to mix it.  I like mixing it with Westie as it adds a pretty punch of pink to the mix and creates for me another fun shade.

A subtle difference...

I also love the liner.  In the picture below I fully lined my lips with Tootsi Lip Pencil and then went in with the Westie Lippie Stix.  Again the difference is subtle but if you were afraid to roll with Tootsi this will pinken it up for you.

Tootsi liner and Westie Lippie
I really do like this Lippie Stix and Pencil and have felt the need to own Cashmere abate.  I will probably try other dupes I've read about, but it doesn't stop me from loving this one!  The down side is that so far this isn't part of ColourPop's permanent collection.  So, if you want to try it, I would suggest buying it sooner rather than later!

* No one gave me free Tootsi.  I bought my own Lippie Stix and Pencil in a frenzied shopping spree.

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  1. hallo :) do you have to sharpen the lip pie pencil? or it comes naturally with a twister?