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ColourPop Aphrodisiac Super Shock Cheek

By 8:06 PM

I have enjoyed so many ColourPop products that I decided to give the the ColourPop Aphrodisiac Super Shock Cheek a go.  Unlike the other ColourPop products, the cheek products are $8.00 for .15 oz, which is still very reasonable.

Super Shock Cheek
Like the other Super Shock products, this is not tested on animals, is made in the US, and is Vegan.

Aphrodisiac is described as a "soft beige brown in a matte finish."  It is mostly neutral but has a slight hint of a ruddy undertone.

This color makes for a good contour color on fair to medium skin tones and may work as a blush.  It could use a little more pigmentation.

Size comparison
Overall, I like it but it's not highly pigmented.  It is matte but has a subtle glow that just makes it look natural on the skin.  It has the same cream/powder formula as the eye-shadows and might be good for people who prefer a more subtle contour/blush.

* I bought my own Aphrodisiac.  No one tried to slip me this Aphrodisiac on the DL.

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