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July 2015 Ipsy First Look

By 5:23 PM

This month the theme for Ipsy was Summer Lovin'.  Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription service.  You get points for referring friends.  However, the points system isn't that great.  Most things require 1000 points and if it's less than they're usually sold out.

Another ugly couch bag.
I'm not too big into the bag.  It reminds me of an ugly brown couch that seemed to be everywhere when I was a kid.  I'm probably the only who sees this bag that way, so feel free to ignore me.

My first item was the NudeStix Magnetic Eye Color in the color Gilt.  It retails for $24.00 for the full size .10 oz.  This was actually full size.  It is gold and metallic, it is long lasting, water proof, blends well, and does not crease.  It is a great color for summer.  It is supposed to be good for people with oily lids, so this is one of those good for the summer types of things.  It does come with a sharpener and one was included in my bag.

City Color
Next up was the City Color HD Powder and is $5.99 for the full size 7 gram product.  I hope I like it, because that is a great price.  It is 100% silica and Cruelty Free.

Jor'el Parker
At first I was pretty excited that we got a perfume that wasn't Harvey Prince.  Not that I have a problem with the brand, it's just that it seems to be the only perfumes we get in our Ipsy bags.  This perfume is Jor'el Parker's Classico, otherwise know as Harvey Prince's Sincerely.  There goes the thought that we got a new brand! It is heavily floral.  I honestly think it's a little heavy for summer, maybe at night or something.

I also received some Crown Brush Tweezers in the color black.  It looks as though it is either pink or black was sent out.  It looks as though they retail for $6.99.  They look okay, but not the best.

My last item is something I've wanted to try for a while.  It's the Pur-Lisse Pur-Bright serum.  It's $76.00 for a 1 oz full size.  I hope I don't end up loving it!  It has a lotion like consistency.  It is supposed to brighten and give you even skin tone.

It was a decent box.  I think the best items were the Nude Stix and the Pur-Lisse.  I'm excited to see what Birchbox brings!

* I pay for my own boxes.

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