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July 2015 Universal Yums Box First Look

By 12:03 AM

Are you in the mood for something a little different?  Something, tasty? So on one of my forays into the search for sneak peaks for what I would receive in my Boxycharm I saw a monthly subscription box for treats from around the world, it's the Universal Yums Box.

My boyfriend subscribed ten minutes later.  He just received his first monthly box and he was watching the mail like a hawk.

It comes with a card that has some Japanese trivia on the front and a description of each candy on the inside.  On the back it gives clues for you to figure which country will be the focus of next month's box.  The clues aren't hard to figure out, but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for anyone wanting to subscribe.

Boxes are shipped the 8th through the 15th and they ship quickly.  There are two boxes to choose from, the Yum Box which sends out 6 or more snacks for $13.00 or the Yum Yum Box which has 13 or more snacks for $25.00.

Universal Yums
The box has tissue paper on top to give homage to the flag of the country of which you will receive the treats.  This box was very easy to guess what it would be from the clues and even though I'm an American, it wasn't hard to recognize which flag it was supposed to look like either. :D

Shrimp Chips
The first treat we pulled out of the box was Shrimp Chips.  They were wasabi flavored.  I was totally dreading this one.  I only like fish occasionally.  A snack that was shrimp flavored?  It was actually quite good.  It only tasted very slightly like shrimp and the wasabi added a nice little kick.  I liked the texture and it was nice that it was baked.

Karl Cheese
 The next item is supposed to be like Cheetos.  It's also Japan's first savory snack and was created in 1968.  It is similar to Cheetos but has a softer, more powdered milk flavored cheese.  It wasn't bad, but as a lover of cheese, I find fake cheese kinda doesn't hit my buttons quite right.  My boyfriend really liked them though.

Hello Panda
The next item was also by Meiji, like the Karl Cheese.  They are a thin outer crust of shortbread and filled with a creamy chocolate.  They were delicious.

Snowpea Crisps
The Snowpea Crisps were made by the same company that made the Shrimp Crisps.  I have always enjoyed snow peas.  They are also baked.  They are very delicious and could be addicting.

I think this is one that most people would actually know.  They are delightful little cookie sticks with a cookies and cream coating.  I'm not sure how long these survived once my candy loving boyfriend got them in his clutches.

Baum Roll
I love lemon in the summer.  Baum Rolls are soft cake rolls with a lemon frosting.  Twinkies only wish they could could taste this good.  They are a perfect little size so you get that delicious little pop without over board.

Kuro Ame
Apparently, Kuro Ame Brown Sugar Candy is one of Japan's oldest candies and has been around since the 1860s.  It is a brown sugar candy.  I couldn't eat this because I remember making brown sugar candies and my little sister choked on one when I was a kid.  Kinda left me not liking that style of candy, but my boyfriend thought they were good.

Next up is the Hi-Chew mango Fruit Chews.  They are hard at first and then become soft in your mouth and practically melt.  They are another candy that American's might be familiar with.  My boyfriend ate all of these his self.

Flower Kiss Candy
I found the packaging on these to be adorable.  The Flower Kiss candies are a hard candy with a milk fruit flavor.  My boyfriend did not share these.

Kasugai Gummies
The box had four flavors of Kasugai Gummies; melon, lychee, ramune, and kiwi.  It is a soft gummy but not like a gummy bear.  They were very good.  This was yet another unshared candy.

Botan Rice Candy
I had this candy as a child.  This has a sticker and a citrus gummy, but the memorable part of this candy is the inner wrapper.  It is rice paper and melts in your mouth.  He didn't share this either, but I have my memories to keep this warm at night.

This candy was the best of the whole box.  This was a very special candy.  This was the Nestle Aero Matcha.  It has an aerated green tea filling that is made to be foam and light.  It is coated with chocolate.  But it doesn't have the waxy taste of American chocolate of recent years.  It is smooth and just melts in your mouth beautifully.  I was very happy to have tried this.

* My boyfriend bought this box himself.  I was lucky enough that he shared some of these with me.

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