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ColourPop Ibiza Super Shock Shadow

By 1:49 PM

If you're like me and have an addiction to YouTube, you've seen Ibiza.  Turquoise under the eye or for a lid color is super popular for the summer right now and ColourPop's Ibiza totally works for that trend.  It pretty much is that trend.

Here is mesijesibeauty's tutorial with the pop of teal under the eye.  It was also another one of the colors mentioned in Jackie Aina's video on Top Eyeshadows for Chocolate Gals.  CoffeeBreakwithDani used it in this fun look with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar.

It is $5.00 for a full size 2.1 gram container of the product.  It has a cream and powder illicit relationship formula.  They do not test on animals and they are made in the USA.

Ibiza is in the pearlized formula.  On the site it says it is "Bright turquoise with a silver and gold duo chrome finish."  I don't notice any duo chrome to the finish although the silver and gold glitter pick up at different angles, like with most glitters.

It has good pigmentation and lasts for a long time.  This color does look good on most skin colors and with most eye colors.  For a bright pop of turquoise, this is one of my favorite colors.  It doesn't have in your face glitter, just a pretty pop of glitter that makes it interesting.

Overall, this is a good color.  If you're looking to break out a little, This might just be the pop you need.

* I bought my own Ibiza, it was much less than a trip to Ibiza.

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