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Makeup Geek Honeymoon Blush

By 8:06 PM

I have really been trying to try more blushes.  I realize my collection of blushes could be considered quite pathetic.  There are others who have less than I do.  So, I feel there is some necessary balance.  Recently, I gave Makeup Geek's First Love Blush a go.  It made me want to try more, so I purchased Makeup Geek's Honeymoon blush.

Makeup Geek
This color was described as a "light pink with mauve undertones and silver glitter."  Either the batch I got was way off or I just don't see it.  This is more like a rosy peach with silver glitter.


You can purchase this blush as either a compact for $12.99 or a refill pan that fits well in a Z Palette for $9.99.  This has a slight gritty texture from the glitter.  If you don't like glittery blushes, this one won't be for you.  They are talc and paraben free.

It isn't highly pigmented.  It you blend this well, it will lessen the glitter, just make you glow.  It might look glittery in the sunlight though.  It is pretty over other blushes as well.

If you want a pigmented blush, this won't be for you.  It will work on fair to medium skin tone for a blush, anyone as a blush topper, and might even work as a high light on some people.  I don't know if it'll work as an eye-shadow, I don't know if the glitter in it is okay around the eyes.

Overall, it was okay.  It can be a pretty color, especially for the summer.  But it wasn't anything spectacular.

* I paid for my own Honeymoon, it was all expenses included.

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