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Makeup Geek Taupe Notch Eye-Shadow

By 11:20 PM

For the summer I have been really enjoying eye looks that I can do quickly and that aren't going to melt off my face.  I thought Makeup Geek's Taupe Notch might suite my purposes there.  It's $5.99 for a .064 oz pan.  It is magnetized and perfect for a Z Palette.

It comes in a paper sleeve, like the MAC refill pans.  They come very well packaged and I have never had a problem with them being damaged.

Taupe Notch
Taupe Notch isn't going to blow your mind or leave you fantasizing about fun looks you can create.  What it is going to be is a bread and butter shade.  One of those shades that you find yourself using daily and that can be used for many different purposes.

It is a nice neutral taupe shade with a slight shimmer, kind of a satiny finish.  Again, no sock knocking, just enough to keep it from being a dry matte. It is very buttery and because of the pigmentation it is a good idea to tap out your brush as it can be a little powdery.

It isn't what you think....
The pigmentation on this is good and it blends out very well.  I have been loving this on the outer V and blended into the crease.  I think on different skin tones this would have different uses.  It is good for a summery smokey eye, when you don't want your colors to be too harsh, to ground a more dramatic color, or as a simple neutral shade for basic eye look.  

It has good lasting power and I'm very happy with this purchase.  It is quickly becoming a favorite shade.

* No one paid for me to have Taupe Notch or for me to think it is top notch sort of shade.

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