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July 2015 Boxycharm First Look

By 4:06 PM

Boxycharm is one of the newest subscription boxes I'm playing with.  It is $21.00 a month and each box has four to five full size products.  This month had the theme of Summer Time Radness.

Although, I can't agree that the items followed the theme, I can't say that they didn't.  They're items that would follow most themes.

My first item was MDMflow Greater Than Mascara and it's a brand that most people in the US would not have had a chance to try.  MDMflow is a brand out of London, is the creation of Florence Adepoju and is £21.00 and will be available for $35.00. It is quite black, on the drier side, held my curl, works well with the Estée Lauder Little Black Primer, and I liked that it came out very clean on the brush without a lot off excess product.  It is a nice mascara.  Not the best in the world but it's nice.  I love that I got to try a brand I wouldn't have access to normally and I love getting mascara.

My next item was yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder in the full size of medium (4 g), which retails for $26.00.  It is very fine and doesn't feel as silconey as Makeup For Ever's HD powder.  It is formulated with kaolin clay.

Next was OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil and retails for $13.00.  After their highlighter, I was really looking forward to this.  This is supposed to be water resistant and a universal color.  It is recommended to apply at an angle with light pressure.  It is made with synthetic beeswax and that might be part of why it's not my favorite pencil.  I feel it's a little too soft for eyebrow use.  Although, if you like soft brow pencils, you may like this.

After that was the Gorge I'll make You Look Amazing Daily Spray which is $29.95 for 4 oz.  This smells wonderful, like a splash of green tea and lime, but not heavily perfumed.  It is supposed to protect, condition, detangle, give shine, and a host of other things.  It does have silicones, but it is vegan, gluten free, non GMO, and made in the US.

My last item was one I was the most excited about, the Vasanti Professional Blush Brush and is $29.00.  It has nylon bristles, a lovely pewter handle, and silver ferrule.  It feels light and I'm not sure I would pay $29.00 for it, but it's a nice brush and I love receiving brushes.

The total value of this box was 132.95 and I definitely feel that I got my moneys worth.  Koda also thought I got my moneys worth.

* I paid for my monthly subscription with my own money.

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