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April 2015 Birchbox First Look

By 5:04 PM

Wow, I'm on a roll today.  I think this is helping cope or something.  Anyways!  Birchbox and Ipsy came today!  Both.  On the same day!  Also, that is probably help cheer me up.  Plus, I'm drinking coffee like it gives you wings or something.

Okay, in case you're new to Birchbox, it's one of the two subscription services that I subscribe to.  It's only $10.00 a month and it makes you feel like you're getting presents every month.  It has the better points system and you can use your points to purchase things in the shop.  I used mine recently, very excited, I needed shampoo lol.  You do get 50 points for referring friends, like in my referral link.  They also have a men's service for $20.00 a month.  The guys get some cool stuff in theirs!

Nothing really jumped out at me for my early pick item or for the editor box, so I just let come what may.

On to the box!  Birchbox partnered with Rifle Paper Company (a company I had never heard of until the Birchbox preview video lol).  The box!  Soooo pretty!

Such a cute box this month!
This year all of the Birchbox boxes have been pretty cute.  I'm not sure how they'll top this box though, it's one of my favorites so far.  Yes, I was this excited about the box, I'm either two years old or part cat.

It's like having Christmas gifts from that friend who perfectly wraps things all the time.
I loved the color theme.  Very much in spring colors.

I got beaver shampoo. ;)
So, my first thing was shampoo and conditioner from the brand Beaver.  They are a brand from Guangzhou, China.  This particular shampoo and conditioner is supposed to be full of nutrients for damaged hair.  It smells light and clean.  However, it contains sulfates and is tested on animals, so I won't be buying this shampoo or conditioner.  It is $15.00 for the full sized shampoo and $16.00 for the conditioner.  I do appreciate that it was not in a foil packet though!

Whish Shaving Cream
Jouer Tint
My next item was the Whish Shaving Cream in Blueberry.  Whish has an adorable story behind it.  A husband wishing to please his new bride and it's cute!  It uses mostly natural ingredients, is paraben free, and doesn't contain sulfates.  It's also not tested on animals.  No leaping bunny though.  It comes in many scents, the one I received was blueberry.  It doesn't have an over powering blueberry scent.  It is lightly scented.  It's $20.00 for the 5 oz full size.

Swatched up.
My next item was the Jouer Tint.  Jouer is a brand that is on Birchbox a lot.  This tint can be used on the lips or as a cream blush.  I think the shade I got, Petal, is pretty, but not me.  it's supposed to be a rose pink.  But it's very peachy to me.  That will go to a new home with someone who looks better in peaches than I do!  Jouer is about inspiring women to feel confident and beautiful in their every day lives.  It is $22.00 for the 2 gram full size of this product.

Bee venom mask
Normally, I'm very excited about masks.  I have been curious about the Wei Manuka Bee Venom masks.  I guess the way they collect bee venom now doesn't kill the bees.  It involves bees stinging a fabric, but not losing their stinger and dying.  The fabric gives them a mild shock (yay fun...) that makes them sting and it takes a million bee stings to make a gram of venom.  I dunno.  I mean Wei is cool that it goes with Chinese medicinal traditions, but I don't see me buying this product.  It's $60.00 for a set of eight pods if you're interested, though.

I liked the shaving cream.  This was a decent box, but some of the products in here were very not me.  This is one of those moments I totally am a two year old or a cat, I just think the box was the best item I got lol.

* I buy my own monthly box.

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