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Makeup Geek Bada-Bing Review

By 12:22 PM

Makeup Geek Bada-Bing was on my original shopping list.  Due to having a budget, it was one of the colors I ended up dropping it off the list.  I was sad about the whole having to do that, but I haven't managed to win the lottery, so it's life!

Bada-Bing is a warm deep brown with bursts of gold glitter.  I know, you're terrified of looking like a glitter bomb, don't worry, I hear you.  I love glitter, but there's a time and a place.  If you're buying it and wanting that glitter on your eyes, you will be disappointed.  It transfers slightly in swatches but on your eyes, it barely shows.  Bada-Bing is $5.99 for .064 oz.  It isn't too warm for cool toned skin.

This color is soft and has decent pigmentation.  Marlena uses it in this gorgeous mint and copper look that is great for spring, I totally wore it on St. Patrick's Day.  Anna's Beauty Secrets uses it in this gold glitter look.  It is great in the outer v, as an eyeliner, to blend out eyeliner, or for a different smokey eye.

All swatched up
It's a very nice dark brown, but it's not going to be what it looks like in the pan.  So as long as all you really want it for is dark brown, you'll like it.  If you really loved the glitter, you'll be a sad panda.  This is a color you'll be happy to have.

* I bought my own rich brown fun time.  No one bought this for me, sent it to me, or left if for me as a mystery package of joy.

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