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Makeup Geek Foiled Eye-Shadows Houdini and Mesmerized Review

By 2:50 PM

Over-all my thoughts on Makeup Geek shadows have been positive.  At $5.99 they have been great for the price.  They are better than Mac.  I do like Morphé a little better, but the pigmentation and blend-ability has been pretty good.

If you watch YouTube you'll see that the foiled shadows are all the rage.  Everyone is having a cosmetics orgasm over them. Nikkie Tutorials reviewed it here with mostly overtly glowing reviews.  VintageorTacky almost sang her love for them, except the purple shade.

After watching this Jaclyn Hill Emerald Smokey Eye and Double Wing Eyeliner look video I nearly broke myself rushing to make an order.  She used Houdini to is she even real?  CoffeeBreakwithDani used Mesmerized in a tutorial.

First up is Makeup Geek's Foiled Eye-Shadow in Houdini, a rich foiled emerald green with touches of teal.  Unlike the other Makeup Geek eye-shadows, this is $9.99 per 1.8 g refill pan.

Makeup Geek Houdini
It is very soft and finger swatches nicely.

Next up we have Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow in Mesmerized.  As you may know, I have a thing for taupes and this appeared to be like MAC Satin Taupe on makeup crack.  It is a rich foiled medium taupe with purple undertones.

Makeup Geek Mesmerized
It is soft and finger swatches like a unicorn kiss or some such incredible nonsense.

As you can see, they swatch like a dream.  However, they don't apply like that with a brush.  In the product description they tell you that you don't need a primer.  This has not been my experience.  If you're using a brush I would highly suggest a primer.  I would suggest using a flat synthetic brush and being careful about the amount of product you get as you may have to work through these and Houdini especially is very crumbly.  These can crease and have fall out, so again, use a primer.

I wouldn't say that you have to wet them.  They are perfectly metallic on their own.  But not like Midas got his touch on or something.  The shadows are very soft, so you will need to use caution because it will be easy to ruin a pan if you're not careful (nails, hard brush dipping, random acts of pet violence).

The pigmentation with a brush wasn't too awesome and they can be a little difficult to blend.

I was disappointed with these two colors.  Based on the hype I was expecting something like my breath was going to be taken away and I would cry at the beauty of them.  I would say that the most honest review of them is by thefancyfaced.  So, I think if you understand that you will use a primer and that you will have to work with them and that they aren't going to look like the finger swatches, you'll be okay.  If you are expecting perfection, you'll have a sad moment, puppies will cry.

* I bought my own foiled shadows and have yet to figure out what unicorn kisses are actually like.

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