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Makeup Geek Burlesque Eye-Shadow Review

By 6:45 PM

I am pretty excited to do this review.  I have green eyes, as I have mentioned, and so I love purple eye-shadows.  I also love reds and burgundies.  They do things to the green in my eyes.  But they can be tricky.  I mean no one wants to look like they have a vicious rash or something.  Okay, maybe someone out there does, and I won't judge you if you're one of those people!

They have been making some pretty ruddy shades for eyes, most brands have them now.  They're very popular in the autumn, but they can add some fire to orange and yellow spring and summer looks.

If you watch YouTube, you'll see a lot of these colors.  Especially, the ever popular Makeup Geek Bitten and Burlesque.  I'd call them the B Team, but Burlesque is straight up A Team.  I had thought about buying Bitten, in fact the thought crosses my mind so much I've considered putting in a cross walk.  Bad joke, I know.  I'm just afraid it will be too warm and Burlesque seemed to fit my bill.

You know that video I keep referring to as my shopping list by Young Wild and Polished?  She's wearing this color in that favorites.  I love her makeup in this video.  I bought her face.  Not literally.  But just what she had on her face!  Burlesque is a beautiful satiny, almost metallic burgundy color.  It is the usual $5.99 for a .064 oz refill pan.  It is on the warm side, but not in a way that cool skin tones won't be able to handle.  Warm skin tones, especially darker skin tones...oh my goodness!

The eye-shadow is very pigmented, soft, and blends well.  It may have fall out because of the pigmentation, so use standard fall out procedures.  SFOP include; putting eye-shadow on first and then foundation, using shadow shields, tapping out excess from the brush, powdering under eyes excessively to "catch" the drops of wine colored beauty on the places they don't belong.  You can use one or more of the SFOP :)

From Left to Right: Makeup Geek Burlesque, MAC Sketch, and MAC Cranberry
As you can see, it is very similar to MAC Sketch and Cranberry but it's not the same or a dupe.  I do think you can use it in place of either one of these shades in looks you love.  Like this Tanya Burr Club and Cranberry Smoky Eye.  If you don't have Club, I would try using the Makeup Geek pigment in Insomnia which is $6.99 for about 2 grams.

As you can see, the pigmentation is a win on the side of MUG
I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but I think this color is fun and you will enjoy finding ways to play with it!

On another note, Jaclyn Hill said that the Morphé Palette will be back this week.  I don't know the exact date.  But I keep checking!  I'll leave you with this pretty spring/summery look using the palette to help the cravings for the 28 Shades of Jaclyn.  It is perfectly acceptable to drool a little.  Sephora's VIB sale is this coming weekend for Rouge members.  So, yay!  More ways to spend your money!

* No one decided to un-eh my green eyes with this delectable shade.  I pay for my own makeup.

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