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Makeup Geek Hipster Review

By 11:49 AM

Darn you, Young Wild and Polished, forcing me to buy other colors!  Okay, she didn't come over and hold orange lipstick to my head and threaten to make me wear it or anything.  She just made a video and I went shopping.

The next eye-shadow on our journey is Hipster.  Makeup Geek's Hipster is $5.99 for a 0.064 oz refill pan of eye-shadow joy.  This isn't a bam! color, it's not going to change your life.  It's another fairly basic color.  It's a warm satin sandy taupe.  It isn't too warm and does work for cool toned ladies.

The satin of this color isn't in your face and can be used in the crease.  It is soft but not buttery, it has decent pigmentation, as it isn't too pigmented it doesn't have the issue with fall out that you may get with some of the other colors.  It was used in this Kylie Jenner look by Shaaanxo.  EbonyMaizeMakeup uses it in this soft glam look.  

It is good to use with cool toned colors for more warmth.  It wasn't quite the color I was expecting, but it's still nice.  This isn't a color you will have to run out and get right away or that you will have to cry if you don't have.  but if you do get it, you will find it to be quite useful.

* I bought Hipster by myself.  No one thought I should purchase or review it.

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