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Makeup Geek Pretentious Review

By 11:38 AM

So you know my "shopping list" that I got from Young Wild and Polished, oh yeah, going to link to her video again.  Does this count as stalking?

So, Makeup Geek Pretentious is a pretty metallic bronzed brown.  It is the usual $5.99 for .064 oz.  It is a fantastic price!  The quality on this eye-shadow is definitely there.  For a Spring Makeup Look by iMacUrFace click the pretty colors.  If you wanted to wear this out, I would go lighter on the blue under the eyes.  Or if you're of the bold persuasion, go for it!  

Makeup Geek Pretentious
This has the perfect pigmentation, is creamy, smooth, and blends beautifully.  It is a great color for year round.  It is also one of those colors that looks good on like everyone, IMPO as a non makeup artist.

Can you see the beauty?  Omg!
One thing I really like about this shadow is that even though it can technically be a bronze, it doesn't pull orange.  It actually looks like a bronze.  I truly love this color.

On another note, I wanted to apologize, I promised to get back with you when Jaclyn's Morphé Palette came back out.  It went on pre-sale yesterday.  It is still available.  Two discout codes i know of are "MANNYMUA" or "JACLYN" for 10% off.   My little girl cat, Nokomis, whom I have had for 15 years got an upper respiratory infection and has been sick.  I'm shredded.  My male cat, Tekatistat, that I've had about 6 months longer than her is upset because she's sick and he refused some meals :( I am really sorry for not letting you know about the palette sooner, but I hope you can understand.  She is an amazing cat.  She ended up dying 04/15/2015 :(

*  I don't have any magical portal to Makeup Geek's offices.  I buy my own shadows, with my very broke woman bank account.

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