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Birchbox Man June 2015 First Look

By 7:29 PM

So, I keep mentioning that Birchbox has a men's box that is $20.00 per month.  This month I decided to show you that one as well.  For $20.00 men can get some grooming and other stuff in a monthly description box.  They make me jealous sometimes as just as I'm picking my sample choice, his comes in the mail.  The points system is the same, you get points for reviewing products (10) and for referrals (50) and for buying things from the store.  You can use those points to purchase things in their store 100 pts = $10.00.

I distracted my boyfriend with cupcakes and a video game and promptly stole his box.

The box
The theme this month was write your own adventure.  It also has a card, like with the women's box that tells you what items you received and how much they were.

Are you feeling the adventure?
My boyfriend gets excited about his box every month and practically runs to the mail when he knows it's here.

His first item was the Davines SU Hair and Body Wash.  Davines is a brand he gets a lot of and he really likes it.  It is made in Italy and focuses on sustainability.  This particular product has carbon neutral packaging, is supposed to help prolong your tan, and has a nice light scent (fruity/woody with a touch of floral).  It is $22.50 for a full size 8.45 oz.

Wake me up...
His next item was Ernest Supplies Awake & Exfoliate Body Bar.  I have not met a guy who couldn't use this.  It is an exfoliate to gently cleanse all that build up.  It smells like peppermint and eucalyptus and has finely milled lava rock and coconut shells to do the dirty work.  This site has some cool stuff on it, I really liked their travel roll with the razor.  It is $15.00 for the 6 oz full size.

Cédrat Enivrant
He also received a cologne sample, this one by Atelier Cologne is their Cédrat Enivrant.  The full size of this would range from $70.00 (30 ml) to $180.00 (200 ml).  It smells like lime and lemon with a twist of juniper.  I guess if a gin and tonic were squeezed into a cologne.  Women can also wear this one, but it is very masculine.  Because of the concentration of oils in this is should last quite a while when worn.

Grooming Lotion
There was also a Baxter Grooming Lotion.  I don't know about him, but I was excited to see this in his box for him.  It's a hair cream that has a light hold, helps control frizz, and adds shine.  It can also be used on beards, which he has entered the world of since he moved on to a new job where he could have one.  It is $20.00 for 100 ml.  It doesn't have much scent and comes out thick but works into the hair easily.

His last item was his favorite.  It was a bottle hook by Corter Leather.  I love look the slightly aged look on the copper colored hook.  It is actually steel and comes in other colors like red and black.  The "o" ring is actually copper.  They all have a life time warranty against breakage.  This was full size and is $36.50.

Should I steal his box more often for a quick review?

* He paid with this box with his own money.  No one sends him free stuff either.

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