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ColourPop Bill Super Shock Shadow

By 8:47 PM

As you may have figured out by now, my addiction to ColourPop is real.  Every time I try to take a break, I see something else I want.  Then comes the rationalization part of our show.  It's only $5.00...  The hook.

Meet Bill
After I Heart This and Bubbly I started to get the itch.  I had to buy more.  They weren't the hot mess I was afraid of.  I decided to get ColourPop Super Shock in the color Bill.  It's $5.00 for 2.1 g in a container that screws closed to maintain the consistency.

Bill is a plummy taupe matte.  It is very creamy feeling.  It has been compared to MUG Unexpected and the colors are very similar.  Unexpected has higher pigmentation, but with the cream formula that ColourPop has, it works in its favor that it isn't quite so pigmented since it is a little harder to blend out than a powder.  I find Bill to have just a touch (a very small touch) more pink tones in it than Unexpected.  Unexpected is a tad more plummy.
Left to Right: MUG Unexpected and CP Bill
I find that if I use a synthetic brush like the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush I'm able to use this so quickly and easily.  The Deluxe crease Brush works well because it is dense but fluffy enough that it diffuses the eye-shadow as you apply this.

Swipe of Bill
Bill is easy to use once you get used to the formula.  It's also very long lasting.  It isn't drying, it doesn't crease.  It's just a good standard matte.

* No one paid me to be friends with Bill.  I met him when I purchased him from the Colourpop site.

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