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Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer Review

By 10:09 PM

I decided to try the Too Faced Hangover Rx Replenishing Face Primer because my favorite primer is so pricey.  Granted this is not cheap, it's $32.00 for 1.35 fl oz.  But it is cheaper than my normal.  I really want to find the one that makes me go all Harry Met Sally Restaurant Scene.  Yeah, I don't expect much.  I have seen quite a few YouTubers rave about this, so I thought, why not?

My box came from Sephora looking like that :(
I read the electrolytes as a gimmick because the absorption depends on dead skin cells vs living skin sells and positively and negatively charged ions.  Or at least as I understand the whole thing.

The probiotics were another matter.  I've been reading that probiotics may improve acne and rosacea even when applied topically.  Of course that usually comes down to a lot of things and since I'm not sure of the percentages that make this activate I can't say for science sure.

Those are some promises!
Now, because I've heard the myths about silicone I do tend to be like, "Yay, it's silicone free."  The truth is that silicone clogging pores and causing acne isn't proven and some say that because of its molecular structure, it's not possible for silicone to clog pores.  There are those that say that silicones are bad for the environment.  So, really to silicone or not silicone, it's up to you.  Why people like it it in makeup is it provides a "slip" that makes your makeup glide on smoothly, increases water resistance, and can blur out pores.  If you're feeling like avoiding silicones, this may be a benefit for you.  It was part of why I decided to give this a go.

The cute package that some think is not so cute
I like the packaging of the product.  I think it's cute and I like the pump.  It helps control the amount of product you use.  As with most primers, less is more.  It has a light coconut water scent.  If you hate coconut, this will be your deal breaker.  I like coconut.  It was a bonus for me.

When you first apply this it will feel hydrating.  It doesn't have a shimmer.  It feels like a light weight lotion or moisturizer.  It feels refreshing.  I think that this aspect of it would be good for people who have dehydrated or dry skin.  It absorbs in a few moments.  By itself it will leave the skin looking moist  and hydrated but it doesn't blur out imperfections.  It would most likely be best with a water based foundation.

It is not tested on animals, which is another bonus.  It does make your skin look a little healthier.  But it isn't going to cure you of a night out being bad and crawling home in the previous evenings attire.

Other than that it does prolong foundation a little but nothing to write a blog about.  It might be nice for people with sensitive skin, except that it does contain fragrance, which may break out those sensitive to that.  I'm calling this decent but suffers from the amount of hype behind it.

* No one decided to cure my hangover with primer, although coconut water is great when hung over.

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