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ColourPop Eye Candy Super Shock Shadow

By 10:15 PM

I love purple.  I would paint my self purple and be happy if this were a socially acceptable form of self expression.  Unfortunately, I don't belong to that culture.  Let me know if you find these people.  ColourPop's Eye Candy Super Shock shadow is one of the socially acceptable ways I can show my love for purple.

Eye Candy
Eye Candy is $5.00 for a .07 oz pot of joy.  It is one of their metallic formulas.  It is a pale lavender with silver shimmer.

So pretty.
It is the color that I have tried with the least pigmentation.  It is a sheer wash of color, however you can pack it on to get that lavender to show up.

Sheer wash of lavender shimmer
It is on the cooler side, but it is translucent, so it won't be something a warm toned person couldn't wear.  If you get this and expect it to have good pigmentation you will be a sad puppy.  If you're okay with it not having that, you'll be able to enjoy this color.  It does last all day with very little fall out.   It is a creamy powder formula.  I do wish it were a touch more pigmented, but overall I'm happy with this color.  I love wearing it at the inner portion on my eyes with Bubbly in the middle.

Left to Right: CP Bubbly and Eye Candy

This looks beautiful with my green eyes, would look great with blue, but I think it would be amazing with brown eyes.

* Eye Candy was delivered to me after I purchased it on their website.

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