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ColourPop Girl Crush Super Shock Shadow

By 9:30 PM

You can't mention Bill without mentioning his partner in crime, Girl Crush.  ColourPop's Supershock Shadow Girl Crush is a matte grey that may lean more lavender depending on your undertones and what you pair it with.

Girl Crush
It is  .07 grams for $5.00.  It is a cream to powder type eye-shadow and may seem daunting if you are not used to this type of eye-shadow.  It's actually really easy.  I usually use this color similar to how ShanShortcakeBeauty does in this video, to deepen Bill in the crease.

Crushing my Girl Crush
It has decent pigmentation and is somewhat like a cream eye-shadow, but not really.  The texture is just different.

It totally goes plummy on my skin.
I think once you get used to the formula you can do a very pretty look very quickly.  I did my makeup in less than 15 minutes this morning using Bill, Girl Crush, Fairfax, 3, and Chipper.

Left to Right: CP Bill and Girl Crush
I don't think you'll desolve into a puddle over this color.  It's not one of those dramatically beautiful shades that changes your life.  It is one of those staple colors that you start using you find that you really like.   I also like how long lasting it is.  For a $5.00 eye-shadow, I'm pretty impressed!

* I supplied my own Girl Crush.  There were no Girl Crushes given to me for kicks.

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