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ColourPop Tassel Super Shock Shadow + Birthday Girl

By 8:25 PM

I have this whole 4th of July look that I have planned with Super Shock Shadows, it's going to be so over the top.  So, I knew I needed to get a white shadow.  After reading about Tassel, it seemed like the color to fit my needs.

ColourPop's Tassel is $5.00 for 2.1 grams of their white shadow in the metallic formula.  Now, for white shadows to show up on me, it's pretty much a surprise.  So, I understood that this most likely wouldn't be all that I hoped for the red, white, and blue eye look I'm planning.  That's why they invented Nyx Cottage Cheese (omg I dislike that name) or any number of white primers.

It has the same consistency where it's very creamy but almost a powder.  Because it's a metallic, it is easily applied with the fingers.

One swipe
As you can tell, it is very glittery.  It has okay pigmentation, but can be layered to be more of an opaque white.  Someone who has some color in their skin might find that this will show up better on their skin.  This color probably won't be in most people's day time looks.  It is very glittery.  It will look good on the inner corners, but still might be too much.  If you're planning a dramatic look, or if you're just a person who likes a little more dramatic glittery looks, this one will work for that.

Overall, I think this is okay, it has a small amount of fall out.  It does show up even on my skin, so that's pretty nifty.  They do have colors that are more impressive than this one, so you might want to look at other things if you have limited money to spend and are looking at picking up a few colors.

Birthday Girl
As a bonus gift this time ColourPop was giving out a free eye-shadow to celebrate their first birthday.   I thought that was very sweet of them.  I like getting free gifts :)

Cute packaging

 It is also a metallic formula.  It's also 2.1 g and came in pink packaging.

One swipe
On me it is a pretty gold color with good pigmentation.  I was very happy to get this as a gift and I really like that they did this as a gift with purchase.

* I did receive Birthday Girl free, but so did everyone who made a purchase at that time.  I purchased  Tassel with my own money.

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