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May 2015 Boxycharm First Look

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I did decide to try out Boxycharm, because it looked like everything I liked about Ipsy and Birchbox, just more of it.  It is $21.00 a month but you get mostly full sized products.  I have no idea how their "charms" work yet, I know you get more for referrals, but I don't know how many you get for what.

The box is very cute.
This is my second box, but I subscribed way late last month and decided that it was too late to do a review.

Lots of pink "worms."
The theme this month was Boldly Beautiful.  The products inside are supposed to get you out of your comfort zone and be boldly daring.  It does have a card that gives you information on the products inside and their prices.  I love that!

Lauren B nail polish
Talk about taking me out of my comfort zone.  I own an obscene amount of nail polish.  I love doing my nails.  I have slacked since Komis passed but I'm sure I'll care again soon.  With as many polishes I own, I don't own any by Laruen B Beauty and I don't own any in this chartreuse green.  The name of this color is #Imjuicing and is $18.00 (ouch).  It is cruelty free, formaldehyde free, and is suitable for vegans.  It does dry fast, but it is rather sheer.  I'm looking forward to trying this.  There were other colors in other boxes.  There was a beautiful watermelon that I'd hoped to get, however, this is is not a color I'd normally use, so I'm excited to try it.  This was full sized.

My next full sized product was the Bodyography Brow Trio.  It has three colors, meant to be used any color of hair.  It is gluten, paraben, and talc free.  It is also certified cruelty free.  It is very creamy and pigmented.  It can also be used as an eye-shadow or eyeliner and used wet or dry.  It is $19.00 for this trio.

My next full sized item was a Bodyography Brow Bush that retails for $19.00.  It's a decent brush.  I do have a brush by Anastasia that has a finer tip, which I think helps for creating a more natural look.  I do like that it has the spooly at the end and I will use it, but for about a dollar less, the Anastasia Brush #12 is more my speed.  Still, a full sized brush of any kind makes me happy.

Another full sized item!  Unfortunately a bronzer.  I know there will be tons of people who will be very exited about getting all of this bronzy joy.  Bronzers and my skin are just...not usually things that mix.  This one was ModelCo Bronze Shimmer and obviously has shimmer.  In the swatch it does turn orange.  I'm not sure if it would do that with a lighter application as I normally would do with a brush.  But still not my thing, so I'll send this to a new home.  It's valued at $22.00.

The coolest packaging
My last item was also full sized.  I had my fingers crossed that I would get the color Purple Rain.  It was a bright purple that some others had received.  

The packaging!!!!
First of all, the packaging is super cute.  It comes in a velvet pouch.  The actual lipstick is in a plastic container with a beautiful black cage like decoration.

Not Purple Rain
I didn't receive Purple Rain.  I received a melon color and I was slightly disappointed, until I swatched it.

Kiss Me
So this is the Lip Bar lipstick in the color Kiss Me.  I cannot find this on the website!  The Lip Bar has a really cool idea and has natural ingredients like vitamin e, shea butter, and avocado oil.  It doesn't have much of a scent but it's not a fragrance, more like scented from the oil and pigments.  They even have a future thing coming where you can mix your own colors and create a really flattering color for you.  They have tons of fun colors with names that follow their bar theme.

How pretty is that color?
This color is totally out of my comfort zone.   It's so pretty.  It doesn't go well with my skin tone, but I will find a way to make it work.  It is $20.00 for the full size.  It has good pigmentation, feels comfortable, and lasts a decent amount of time.

The overall value of this box was $98.00.  I'm very happy with this service so far and even though I just got this today, I can't wait to see what I get next month!

*I bought my own Boxycharm.  No one sent me this great box to try.

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