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Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in Melted Chihuahua

By 8:54 PM

I have to get this first part out of the way.  The name of this lipstick!  Seriously what group decided that Melted Chihuahua sounded good enough to smear on your lips?  How does that get by the going out for drinks and sounding off names that would be funny as a lipstick phase?  As soon as I finished reliving the tequila the next morning, I would have made some calls!  It's as ill thought out as that creepy rodent that used to be in Quiznos commercials.

Okay, I feel better.  This review is going to about the Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in the color Melted Chihuahua.  It is $21.00 for .40 fl oz size.

Too Faced Melted Long Wear Lipstick
The packaging is, as usual, very cute.  Too Faced does well with their packaging.  The applicator is a fuzzy angled tip where dots of product are pushed through.  It is easy to apply.  The color is described as a dusty mauve.

Melted Chihuahua all over my arm
This color leans a pinky peach nude on me.  It's not quite the color I wanted, but it's not a bad color.  It is creamy and comfortable to wear.

My bathroom lighting for the lip swatch does warm it up, but over all...  I wasn't that impressed.  It isn't that long of a wear.  I can get maybe four or five hours out of it and for something that says "long wear" and is $21.00, I was expecting so much more.  I still might try another shade, like Fig, I've been wanting to try that.

But for the price, the color being not quite what I expected, and the longevity, I'm calling this hype.  There are much better lipsticks out there for a better price point.

* I puckered up and bought this pouty treat by myself.

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