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May 2015 Ipsy First Look

By 8:55 PM

Now for my other $10.00 monthly subscription makeup service.  Ipsy doesn't have as great of a points system and doesn't have cards that tell you the amount of the products, but they have won the last few months and they do have some fun bags.

"Fun bags"
Some of the bags had a chartreuse inner lining.  Mine was hot pink.  It wasn't my favorite bag, but it was a good size and it has a canvas outside and nylon inner shell.

My first item was a bronzer and as much as I love contouring, I'm just not that into bronzer.  I haven't been that impressed by Pixi as brand either.  I think it's $18.00 for the full size with kabuki.

Mmm honey!
The second I saw "miel" in the name I was excited, I love honey!  This was the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-up Removing Gel.  The full size is 6.7 oz with a pump and is only $19.00.  So, not that bad!  It smells like honey, works well, and doesn't leave your skin tight after using.  I really did like this product.

Yay!  Sunscreen....
Yup.  I got sunscreen in another bag.  So stoked.  Unlike the other one, this had a foil covering and did not leak.  It is the Bare Republic by Coola natural Mineral Sunscreen.  It is $14.99 for 1.7 oz.  It isn't greasy and doesn't leave a white cast.  It's also 30 SPF, which I like because generally anything more isn't real.  It has a pleasant, almost coconut smell.  It is creamy but feels like it starts turning powdery when you apply it.  It isn't chemical sunscreen and is cruelty free.  I was surprised by this one and I did end up liking it.  Coola does know their sunscreen though....

Black eye liner!
I also received black eyeliner!  I have so many black eyeliners from these bags!  It's the Bellapierre Gel Eyeliner in the color Ebony.  It is supposed to be hypoallergenic and made with more pure ingredients than your average liner.  The full size is $14.99 and for a more natural product that is a very good price.  It's also supposed to be waterproof and long lasting.  I think I would have been more excited had I received it in a fun color, but hey, what doesn't go with black eyeliner?

In the Ozone
My last item was Urban Decay's Lip pencil in Ozone with their Revolution High-Color Gloss.  I hate the little blister packs, it never really allows you to try a product that well.  I'll try not to hold that against them, because even though the white pencil looks scary, it isn't stark white or anything.  It's actually sheer.  This would be great with some of my brighter lipsticks as it's supposed to prevent feathering, fill in lines, and nourish your lips.  It's $20.00 for the full size.

Some people got really lucky in their Ipsy bags.  I was totally jealous of those with the Luxie eye brush.  There was also the It CC cream, but it's probably good I didn't receive it because they probably would have sent me a too dark color and I'd have to cry lol.

I really liked the sunscreen and the makeup remover from Ipsy, but in Birchbox there was the foot cream, the peel, and the hair oil.  The lip liner and the lipstick get honorable mentions, but this month actually goes to Birchbox!

Score: Birchbox: 2 Ipsy: 3

Coming Soon, BoxyCharm!

* No one sends my fun bags to try for free.  I have to buy my own fun bags.

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