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ColourPop Bubbly Super Shock Shadow

By 3:11 PM

After beginning my love affair with ColourPop Lippie Stix and Pencils I really wanted to try their eye-shadows.  I was a little afraid of them after hearing about their consistency, because once, many moons ago, I bought I glittery purple eye-shadow that came in similar packaging.  It was more gel like and ended up being a hot mess.  It was gloopy, terrible pigmentation, and I would gave been grateful if all it done was crease.  It was awful.

But I decided to brave the potential hype because I really like ColourPop.  I bought the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in the color Bubbly.  It is listed as a metallic.  Like the lipsticks and pencils, it is only $5.00 for 2.1 g of product.

I have been digging into this stuff.
Bubbly is beautiful bubblegum pink with tons of shimmer.  It is brighter than the image online.

It's so pretty!
It comes in a white plastic container that needs to be screwed on and off to keep the eye-shadow in good condition.  The eye-shadow is very soft and almost mousse-like but doesn't have a gross wet feel, which was something I was concerned about.  You have to use caution when applying it, as with your finger or brush you can dig too deep and put a nice dent in it.

This picture doesn't do it justice.  It is so shimmery and the flecks of glitter are silvers, pinks, and even a touch of a green (if you're really looking at it).  But it's nothing that is like, YIKES! she's being eaten by glitter.  It's just so pretty and you have a lot of control as far as how much pigmentation you want as it is more on the sheer side.

You can use your finger or a synthetic brush to apply these. I love applying this over shadows, like pinks and purples.  It does great for brightening up browns so that it doesn't make one look tired.  The glitter will fade slightly over the day, but it does for the most part, last all day without much fallout.  It is easy to apply.

I have received lots of compliments on this color when I wear it.  I have people at work requesting that I buy them one too!

I was definitely happy with this purchase and have been wearing it like pixies are going to come repossess my pretty pink sparkle.

* I bought my own pink bubbly.  ColourPop did not gift me with this beautiful shimmering delight.

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