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ColourPop 3 Super Shock Shadow

By 9:28 PM

It took me long enough to jump on the Super Shock Shadow Bandwagon but I am all aboard at this point!  I showed you the mattes I just bought, but the other formulas steal the show.  The mattes have the down side of being a little daunting to use.  The pearls and metallics do not suffer from this.  You can simply use your finger to apply.

When I saw ColourPop's 3 I know I wanted it.  It's described as a cool toned bronze.

As usual it is $5.00 for a 2.1 container of product.  It does have to be tightly sealed to contain the magic in the pot.  Mine must have been dropped or something.

3 all cracked up
Unlike with a regular eye-shadow the crack didn't make it crumble all over or anything.  It's definitely still usable.

So shiny
The glitter in this is so pretty.  It has good pigmentation.  I see flecks of green and pink and gold.  It is considered one of their metallic formulas.  It's also very easy to apply as I said.  The glitter doesn't fall all over your face although there might be a little fall out.  It is soft and has an almost mousse like texture.  I haven't found it to crease or in any way look aging on the eyes.  BiohazardousBeauty uses it in this tutorial.

Left to Right: CP 3 and I Heart This

* 3 didn't magically appear in my makeup bag.  I paid for it myself.

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