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ColourPop Cookie Lippie Stix Review

By 9:33 PM

I really like ColourPop.  I wasn't planning on doing too many more reviews on ColourPop because I have done so many reviews on ColourPop.  Well...  Yeah, I'm doing more.  I kept seeing this color in Favorites Videos, and in tutorials and in more tutorials and in other tutorials and it was such a pretty nude that just seemed to work with so many looks.  I knew I was going to make a big order because at work for the Children's Miracle Network we do an auction for other employees, and I was going to get some of these for the auction.  My sister was also graduating college and she's not wild about lipstick, but this would look so pretty on her!

I had to add this to the order for me.  There is only so much altruism I can go for apparently :(

A box!
I bought the ColourPop Lippie Stix color in Cookie.  It doesn't have a matching lip liner, which is unusual for ColourPop, but it goes so well with other lip liners I have from them or by itself, so that wasn't world ending.  It smells slightly different than their usual.  ColourPop Lippie Stix usually smell like vanilla.  It still smells slightly vanilla but also has a plastic smell in it as well.

It is $5.00 for a 1 gram stick.  The shape really leans to having a perfect point and good application every time.  It goes on creamy, but does dry down to a matte.  It will transfer for a while.

 It isn't quite as long lasting as some of the other ColourPop Lippies I own, but it's still a good six to seven hours.  It is a basic peachy brown nude that even on me is flattering.  It's one of those colors.

The color isn't quite as opaque as some of my other ColourPop colors, but it does layer on well and I think the translucence does work for the flattering nude it is.

I do like this color, which did surprise me.  I was afraid this would be one of those shades that made me look dead.  It doesn't.

* I bought my own Cookie, it didn't come with a free a cookie.

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