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Rose Gold and Black Vasanti Kajal Extreme Eyeliner

By 5:19 PM

I have really really been wanting a rose gold eyeliner.  I know copper shades look better on blue eyes, but I've still been when wanting it.  I see rose gold as a sister of copper by the way because copper when alloyed with gold is what gives rose gold its rosy hue.

I wanted it as a water line color.  I do still love my black liner, but I was feeling a light color.  White sometimes looks weird and I just thought rose gold would look so pretty as a soft pop of color and brighten the eyes.

Since I was using my Birchbox points, I decided to try their Vasanti Kajal Extreme Intense Eye Pencil Duo - Rose Gold and Black.  It would have been $29.00 for two full sized 1.2 g pencils if I had paid for it with actual money rather than virtual points money.  On the Vasanti web site the rose gold was $18.00 and the black was also $18.00.

Vasanti duo
Vasanti is a Canadian brand.  The name is Sanskrit for "of spring" and they do not test on animals (yay fluffy friends).  These pencils are made in Germany, like Modster and Urban Decay.  I guess Germany can make some liners!

My pencil duo
These liners are supposed to be waterproof and long wearing.  Like my UD liners they are supposed to "lock in" after 30 seconds, so you have a little bit to smudge it out if that what's you're feeling at the time.  It also contains vitamin e.

These pencils were cool that they each contain a sharpener in the cap and a rubber smudger at the end.  The sharpener isn't like the Makeup Forever one I have that I have owned for years, but for an attached sharpener, it's pretty decent.  It's functional and didn't break off the liner like some cheap ones do.  The smudger isn't going to be a good as a brush, however, it is serviceable if you're on the go.

Rose Gold and Black
The application is very creamy.  They have good pigmentation and they do smudge out very well.  I do have to admit that I use the rose gold one way more.  It isn't a color I have in any other brand, I wanted it so bad, and it is really pretty on the water line.  I own so many black eyeliners that it is probably ridiculous.  These don't make my eyes burn, they do cause a little blurring at first, but it only lasts less than a minute.

I also like to take the rose gold as a thin line over the top edge of black liner in a wing for fun, smudged under my eyes, or in the corner.  It's just such a fun and pretty "of spring" color.

I was surprised by this brand because I wasn't expecting the quality to be there.  I just wanted that color lol.  The quality is very similar to UD.  I have found them to last through the day and even on the water line they wear well.

* Birchbox only sent these to me because I used my points as I wanted to get my gift they gave me for subscribing for a year.  If you want to give me points and try Birchbox, this is my link.

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