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ColourPop I ♥ This Super Shock Shadow

By 4:22 PM

You already knew there would be at least one more color if I was buying one ColourPop eye-shadow.  I'm not sure what they put in their products, I just can't stop.  Okay, maybe it has something to do with the price and the quality.  None of their products are tested on animals and I am in love with this brand!

This was actually the first color I picked out.  It is ColourPop's Super Shock Shadow in I ♥ This.  It is $5.00 for .07 oz and is one of their metallic finishes.

I first saw this color in a video by MicklsAMom.  It was just such a beautiful way to add a punch to a neutral look.  Also, in this Sultry Bridal Makeup by Jenna Roisen.

I Heart This
I Heart This is a gorgeous glittery silvery taupe.  It is drenched in glitter.  The texture is very creamy almost a mousse, but not damp feeling.  It's kinda like a powder and a cream got together and had super shocking baby.  It comes in a plastic container that you want to make sure to fully close to make sure to preserve the consistency of this shadow.

Love at first swatch.
It is very easy to use with your fingers or a synthetic brush, being careful not to put too much pressure on the product so you don't trench it out.  This swatch again, does not do the product justice.  It is beautiful on the eyes.  Just a pop of pretty or you can go glitter ball blast.  Really, whatever you're feeling.  There is a little fall out.

I have not had a problem with these creasing.  I have found some of the glitter to fade through the day unless I use a setting spray, but it still looks pretty eight hours later.  I like eye primer, so I usually wear a primer with these.

I will definitely be buying more.  As a matter of fact they are on order now!

* I bought my own glitter laden taupe shade, ColourPop doesn't know who I am nor do I have a key to their warehouse to grab my own Super Shock.

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