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Aromi Merry Mulberry Liquid Lipstick

By 5:51 PM

I really wanted to do this one because it's limited edition and I wanted you to get a crack at it before they decide to do something silly like make it unavailable.  The color is Merry Mulberry by Aromi Beauty.  It is $17.00 for 4 g of product.

I really like the sound of the Aromi company.  The company was formed by Hannah who is not only beautiful, but a chemist.  Go beauty and brains!  The products are hand crafted.  They are also fur baby friendly as they do not test on animals and use vegan materials.

Merry Mulberry
I like the packaging on this.  It's clean looking with a black lid and a clear container with a silver line near the lid.

The applicator is a small doe foot that allows for control in application of the product.  It has a good scent.  Kinda like artificial cupcakes or something.

Under bathroom lighting
I went swimming in this and it stayed.  It lasts for hours unless you eat greasy foods, you may have to touch up a little after eating.  It will dry down to a matte after about a minute.  For a liquid lipstick it is fairly comfortable.  You can feel it on your lips, it has a slight drying that isn't too bad until after about hour four.  It doesn't feather much without a lip liner.

Big ol' Swatch
It is a beautiful berry color that is perfect for autumn. US shipping is $4.95, Canada is $8.95, Europe is $10.95, and Australia and New Zealand are $12.95.

Results of greasy food
Okay, it's actually my preferred method of removal.  I use a little avocado oil and massage it into the lips and then wash my mess free.  If there is still staining I'll use a micellar water to further get rid of my berry stain.

I really like this color but I have found it to not last as long as I'd like.  It wears unevenly and kinda looks a hot mess around hour six.

* I merrily purchased Merry Mulberry on my own.

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