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Aromi Desert Taupe Liquid Lipstick

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After my last post and my review of Aromi's Merry Mulberry liquid lipstick those of you on the greige hunt should have probably expected this.  Those of you uninterested in the greige thing will probably not care about this.    I have to say at first I wasn't into this color but after seeing so many people wearing the greige it really started to grow on me.  Until I was fixated with owning that color.  So now I am looking for dupes...

Aromi is a brand that makes it easy to get behind.  They don't test on animals, they use vegan ingredients, are hand made, and they are gluten, paraben, phthalate, and mineral oil free.  They also ship to the US, Canada, Europe (just lists Europe not sure if there are specific countries they ship to), Australia, and New Zealand.

Name listed on the bottom
Aromi's Desert Taupe is the perfect grey-beige.  It is $17.00 for 4 grams, which makes it more product for less than ColourPop, even though it make look more expensive on the surface.  It smells like cake batter, which is fantastic, the scent does fade quickly though, for those of you who do not like scented lip products.

Desert Taupe
The packaging is sleek and simple.  It looks nice but it isn't as though you're paying for some fancy packing.  Something I am all for!

More doe foot action
It has a doe foot applicator, which makes it easy to apply.  It has a watery lip-gloss texture and will dry down to a matte very quickly, less than a minute.  It doesn't feel as though anything is coating your lips, except a thin lipstick.  It has good pigmentation and covers my birthmark fairly well with one coat.

Desert Taupe on 
It feels comfortable and will last through eating and drinking, unless you're eating a burger and drinking gravy or something equally greasy.  It will last an eight hour day plus some extra.  It will feel drying after several hours.

Left to Right: LA Splash Ghoulish, Aromi Desert Taupe, ColourPop Tootsi
Ghoulish is the on the surface mid range price at $13.98.  It is the least comfortable of the three as it feels as though you have a plastic coating on your lips and it also smells the worst.  It is a good product though and will last all day.  The processing and shipping on this is very fast.
Tootsi is closest in color to Ghoulish, has the lowest surface price at $5.00, smells like vanilla, and is the most comfortable, it also lasts a long time.  This does have the longest processing time for your order but once it ships it arrives quickly.
Desert Taupe is slightly more pink than the other colors, although it has the highest surface price it is actually the best value, has a pleasant scent, and lasts all day.  The processing and shipping on this was just as fast as the LA Splash products.

I liked all of them but found the slight pinker tone of Desert Taupe to be my favorite, although the comfort of Tootsi makes it a little more wearable.  They are all very comparable.

I was definitely impressed with Aromi and I'm sure you'll see more of these liquid lipsticks on my blog.  

* I bought Desert Taupe with my own money.  No one sent me this for kicks or asked that I review it.

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