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ColourPop Sugar Super Shock Shadow

By 9:43 PM

Once you go ColourPop...  I can't seem to stop.  I just really like the colors and the price.  They deliver very fast, however it seems to feel like forever for the processing.  I check my emails like a nut, waiting to see if they've shipped yet.

Cute little card is included as well

Next on the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows list is their color Sugar.  It is a pretty aquamarine color with dustings of silver, champagne, and gold glitter.

It is made in California and is not tested on animals.  It is $5.00 for .07 oz.  MayaMia and Nelly Toledo use it in tutorials.

It has that same signature creamy + powder = awesome formula.

Sugar is a metallic formula, so it's very glittery.  It has nice pigmentation.  It appears to be more green/blue when paired with certain colors and more silvery blue with other colors.

As with the other metallics, it's easy to apply with your finger or with a synthetic brush.  This color would look pretty on many skin tones but I think as an eyeliner on tanned skin would make a nice contrast.

A lot of looks on YouTube lately have a bright color on the lower lash line and this would be pretty for that as well.  It is pastel enough to be good for spring and summer but I think it will also work in the winter as it can appear more silvery if you pair it with certain colors.

I do like this color, but it's not one of my favorites.  I'm not one for blues with my eyes, but for people who like blue eye-shadows, this one is quite pretty.

*  No one topped my breakfast with this special sugar.  It came after I purchased it with my own cash.

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